How to start a Tarot Reading Business. Start-Up Guide and best Tipps and Steps for Beginners to creating a thriving online Business.

How to start a thriving tarot card business online? How to become a self employed tarot reader? How to make money with tarot reading online? 


If this an interesting topic for you will be surprised it has a very low cost barrier to entry.


Great news for those wishing to start either an thriving online business or set up a booth or even open their own shop in this field. 

Booths used to be popular at fairs, carnivals, fetes, festivals and even private parties, however, the difficult situation in many countries has largely ended these businesses.


More and more readers are offering readings online (Instagram for example) and in many cases live-streaming via Skype, Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp or on the phone-line. 


If you want to start a successful Tarot Card Reading business online, then please read on. You will learn the best tips and tricks that will make the path to making money easier. 


Before we discuss the many benefits (and show you how to take advantage of them), a word about your motivation.

A thriving tarot reading business depends on customer satisfaction. Therefore, ask yourself beforehand: do I have experience in advising other people? Do I enjoy it? How good am I really as a Tarot Reader? 


Please understand me correctly. You can build a thriving business online with Psychic Reading and Tarot cards.


But the focus should always be on the customer with their questions, problems and concerns. This sector is not a get quick rich scheme. You have to build a good reputation over time.


Maybe you want to have your cards read and learn more about your chances as a start-up? Then take a look at our Business Tarot Spread.


Then the customers will come happily and you will be recommended. No matter if online on your website, Instagram, in your Youtube channel or by phone, chat and email.

Best tips for start-up a Tarot Card Reading Business on the Internet

How to create a thriving business reading Tarot Cards online and enjoy the many advantages it brings?

With this type of remote work, you can really choose your own hours, especially when online as geographical restrictions don’t apply.


So if you prefer working late at night, for example, you might work the US or Asian markets.

On top of this flexibility is that you can again select whether you want to work part-time or full-time as the demand dictates and you yourself become well-known.

Of course, you can also work for large, well-established portals which have a huge and growing customer base already.


The advantage of this is that the more complex software on the website, i.e. shuffling cards, is already set-up.


They will also know the hardest part of all - how to capture internet traffic to bring the querents to your site and not someone else’s.


This is no easy feat and is, frankly, the most time-consuming and costly, really costly.


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Online marketing is a skillset all of itself and is what every business invests in and it is make or break if they get it wrong!

So is starting your own Tarot-Reading-Business the right fit for you?

Let’s look at the details.

You will need to really plan the stages and steps well in order to succeed.


This will include also having a business plan (beforehand) so that you or your accountant can do a self-assessment and / or a feasibility study.

The logistics are the following in random order:

  • You will need to apply for the necessary licences and / permits. 
  • Succeeding in this area will mean forming your idea into a legal entity: never cut corners on compliance! 
  • You must find a reputable accountant: this is essential and avoid family members and / or friends. Keep business strictly business! 
  • Then there is the registration process for VAT and local taxes.
  • This is different in every country in the world. Make sure you check before you start. Taxes and billing are not underestimated success factors for a thriving online tarot business.
  • For many, taking out business insurance saved them from the devastation caused by the recent situation.
  • Have your website professionally built and designed as this is your interface and it needs to stand out, run fast, be clear.
  • Search well on google, link to other pages, be interesting, have many layers, be easily updated, offer lots of information and accept different methods of payment securely and yet simply.
  • Do not skimp on this outlay as this is your business’ heart and pulse.
  • Next you will need to open a bank account for business purposes exclusively, &, likewise, order a credit card for this account.
  • In some countries, a Paypal account or similar payment provider is also sufficient. 
  • Create your brand and maybe try to differentiate yourself from the thousands of others by having a USP.
  • Set up a secure phone system (when intended) and bear in mind expansion in the future: and, in fact, with each of the above stages, think ahead!


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Crucial and important questions to ask yourself if you want to know how to launch a successful online tarot reading business and make money.

Do I want to become a self-employed tarot reader? Or do I want to work for one of the well doing online platforms?


Both business models have advantages and disadvantages. 


How do I make sure that I always deliver the best reading? There is a lot of competition online and word gets around quickly via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube?


That means you should think about how you control your quality and how you educate yourself beforehand. 


Get your answer now: How do I become a Tart Card Reader online.


And finally, an important question about time. How much time do I want to or can I put into building this business?


Especially at the start of an online business you will have to spend a lot of energy, time and also some money. Are you ready for that? Do you have the necessary resources to overcome hard times?


There is so much more to business and making money as a tarot reader, especially for a start-up, than merely registering it.

So whether this is ultimately for you, only you and our tarot can know. It is a rewarding journey and may well be written into your cards.


Some people prefer to live without the stress of a career, especially when self-employed, as everything is on your shoulders.


But others rise to the challenge and win the run on how to start a online tarot card reading business. Good luck!