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And one thing in advance: This card is a good omen.

Psychic Love Tarot Reading for Pisces

You are a beloved being. Nothing and no one has the right to diminish your needs and desires.  

This is the fundamental message of the card for you. 


Perhaps you are constantly thinking about a certain person. You just can't get him out of your mind. Probably it is a real person close to you.


But it can also be an idol or a star you adore. If so, in this case this card represents a person who is not your age.


Rather younger than you. There may also be some special type of instruction coming to you through this person. If so, this might not be what you expected.

It may be that you are in love with someone who is not yet able to reciprocate your feelings.


In this case, it would be a good idea to wait a little longer and not put pressure on yourself. Probably this person is still in a relationship. If this is true, do not interfere. 


It is also possible that you are struggling too much, jumping the gun, or generally putting people on the spot.


Maybe you need to analyze the body language of others and start listening more carefully.

Just give that a try. How well can you handle advice and cues from other people?


The general energy for this is very good now. In general, people are expected to treat you pretty well. 

You probably have a lot of mental and physical power at your disposal now.

Use it wisely. Note that others are not as fast as you at the moment. So once again the advice to be a bit more cautious.

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If you are looking for an answer to a yes-no question, the answer is a clear yes. However, please pay attention to all other advice of this card.

In love matters, this card indicates a harmless quarrel.


However, you should know when to put pressure and when to take a step back.

Think about it, you will surely immediately figure out what this refers to.


Plenty of squabbles and fights aren't really even worth having. Give your companion his or her space. This is a crucial factor for a healthy romantic bond.


However, if you feel you are not being treated with respect, then you should bring it up.


In a relationship, this kind of situation cannot prevail in the long run.

If you are unattached, you should go out among people. After all, love doesn't just fall from the sky.


Use your high mental and emotional energy to attract others with your good charisma. It can succeed. 

Is there any behavior that others find unpleasant about you? Are you stepping on your own toes without realizing it?

If you have no idea what this might mean, ask a good friend how she sees you. 


In terms of general relationship and partnership issues, the main recommendation of this card is to look more closely.

It could be that your memory of past love stories and incidents does not really correspond to reality.


Maybe something was not said that way. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. It might be necessary to revisit that. An apology might also be forthcoming. 

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You would benefit greatly from hearing the views of your counterpart.


If you are looking for a love relationship, you need to make more of an effort than usual to understand what your future partner might want from you.

Don't make assumptions, but ask questions.


Then compare that to your needs and wants. Does it fit together? What is your pisces love tarot about? Or are conflicts inevitable once the infatuation is gone?


A dominant, somewhat older person, probably male, could soon play a more important part in your circle.


However, this will not last long and will take care of itself. You can learn a lot in this phase, though.


Learn even more details that can make you happy.

This could be your boss or another father figure. He might also be romantically attracted to you.


If so, you shouldn't shut him out just because of the age difference. You may feel that this man enforces his traditional rules with an iron fist, and that can be quite annoying at times.


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But it's well-intentioned toward you. You might learn that there is a reason for following norms. That can be good for you.

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