Who is Capricorn’s Soulmate?

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  • Who is Capricorn Soulmate? Which sign fits best with it?

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By Arthur de Angelis.

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This is the ranking of the 3 best soulmates for Capricorn. 

Capricorn is represented in the tarot as The Devil card. This is seen negatively by many who are ignorant of this card’s full potential.


Here we see Pan, depicted as half-man/half-goat, working incessantly tending the fires of hell.


Hard work, therefore, is your destiny but that keeps you away from temptation. So, what of love? 

Who is the best match as a Capricorn Soulmate?

The 1st card drawn is also The Devil.

card showing the best soulmate for capricorn women and men

Two ambitious Capricorns can be idealistic but are also infinitely practical; in fact, you make a great pairing as both of you view relationships similarly.


You actually have a need to pursue a spiritual quest into life’s deeper meaning.


The Capricorn man and woman love-compatibility echoes a profound mutual respect and teamwork making their dreams come into fruition.

You are both earth signs, and so are calm and have a practical approach to any disagreements.


You are more mature and avoid the dating games of other signs. Ruled by Saturn, you plan for the long-term.


Marriage is certainly on the cards as your compatibility rating is 90%! For more details find out in a Soulmate Reading here.

The second best Capricorn Soul Mate is this

The 2nd card drawn is Virgo otherwise known in tarot as The Hermit.

Now your partner is likeminded in that he is also a seeker of spirituality. He also works hard to reach high attainment in everything he does. 


Thus you two are absolute soulmates completing each other on so many levels.

You are driven and chase success, enjoying the finer things in life.


You will combine instantly. Clear-headedness, though, and not spontaneity rule the day. 

This can be an economically powerful coupling. Your one enemy is that mentality of all work and no play.


Capricorns struggle balancing work and living. Therefore, a suitable partner for you understands this. Virgo gets this as they tend to overly focus on the minutiae.


At least you see the bigger picture and so together you cover everything forming a well-rounded view. Virgo ultimately understands your need for emotional stability.


So you can focus on your career and again, your nature needs a project to focus on. In turn, you bring structure into Virgo’s life.

The 3rd Capricorn Soulmate Sign is here

Taurus is the 3rd love-card drawing and is denoted by The Hierophant, the fifth Major Arcana card.

So here again you have found a wise and spiritually aware partner; in fact, the Hierophant can even be your guru. Capricorn and Taureans are truly made for each other.


More on this and other chances and combinations in an instant Capricorn Tarot now.


Many believe that this is the best soulmate-combination. This will be a loyal, stable relationship as, in love, they follow a conservative approach.


You will feel committed and comfortable with Taurus. For they somehow need comfort and care.



Yet again this coupling forms a practical and sensible union. Goat and Bull unsurprisingly  are very stable as you are similar ‘beasts’.

The Devil-Hierophant compatibility is strong and mainly because the worst weaknesses of this sign such as addiction, deception and materialism are dulled by the reliable soul and blind faith of the Bull.


Taurus likes to dream big and ambitious Capricorn Soulmate loves listening to him plan their future.