Do We Have a Future Together Tarot Reading.

You want to know: Do we have a future together? Tarot can illuminate the chances and possibilities of your love and relationship.


Update: Aug 31, 2023

By Arthur de Angelis

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Here you can find a detailed and free reading about the possible future together. You can also ask further questions below.


First, please take a look at the tarot card that represents the energy quality of your reading. Does our relationship and love have a future together? Tarot reading for you. 

So what does your card seem to say as forewarned is forearmed, right? Well, here we can see ‘you’, the querent, in eye-catching red skirt, like you are walking through flames.


This could mean that you have a trial by fire up ahead. Does that make sense to you? Is there something in the offing which feels slightly dangerous or risky?

Just remember that what is imminent is in your hands no matter what. Are you trying to catch his attention by dressing seductively and playing a little game?


This card clearly depicts a woman of great confidence and sexuality. The features we see are fortuitous: a gateway, majestic nature, and the mountaintops shrouded in fog.



What does this mean? How to know: Do we have a future together? The Tarot Cards are very clear on this.


Well, the mists of time are partly obscuring what is up ahead. It means that you are still undecided about what you really want. 

Do we have a future together? Tarot Card Reading indicates opportunities

The gate represents opportunities and as this is a large structure with multiple steps, it seems likely that it is a temple and therefore is promising a spiritual journey is coming into your life. 


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You are clearly unprepared for it. Look closely at the gate. And get more insights from this Near Future Tarot Reading with Psychic Cards.

They are things you will need for this journey. They are symbolic.


Hence watch along the way for people who will offer you an ‘umbrella’ – literally a means to protect yourself. It will get colder and wetter and you will need some form of cover.

As you are wearing red, this may be referring to a relationship and so from a love-reading perspective, ask yourself, “What should I do to best protect and support my lover?”


You will walk your own path and as you do, you will see that you don’t only need cards to tell you something is not working or isn’t good for you.



As the old saying goes, ‘Better, Saner, Stronger’ is a sound life-motto.

All the people in your life need to make you feel supported.


The card clearly shows that you may be too proud to accept help but we all need it. 

There are concealing mists rolling about overhead but you must not stride along so fast with your heads in the clouds or you may get caught in the storm.

So, you have a spiritual awakening fast approaching – don’t keep dashing about blind to the possibilities and this involves accepting help to develop the right tools to reach transcendence and true inner happiness.


No man is an island, we all need guidance. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable which you currently are.



Remember that the card gives you a potential glimpse and this provides insight but you have free will and so ultimately choose your path.

How will our relationship and love continue in the future? Do we have a future together? Your Tarot Card Reading shows the way: Should I stay or go?

On your current trajectory, you are heading towards a natural phase –  are you detoxing?


You may be wondering if you should stay in the relationship or if you should leave him. this is a serious decision and needs the clarity of a stay or go tarot reading


Try to embrace any chances of travel or merging with the natural world more fully. Want to mend a difficult relationship?


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You also seem to feel stronger alone. Help with be offered to you at the beginning so do not be too closed, proud or blind to accept it.


You are in control of your destiny and this knowledge will increase your energy and aid you to take good decisions about whether you really want him or not.

So the thing to remember is that tarot doesn’t exactly ‘foretell’ the future, it is really more of a map of the present and the possibilities as of now.


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Thus, the cards may say that this outcome is most likely if you act immediately but only if you stay on the same path, so to speak.


And, if your ‘map’ states that there appears to be a pothole down this route, you should consider turning around instead of running headlong in that precise direction.


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Conclusion of your "Do we have a future together Tarot Reading": You are in control. Decide whether you want him in your life or not. 


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