Ethics of Tarotprince

Welcome to - the kingdom of  Tarot Cards, Psychic Reading and wisdom! Here you can not only find amazing tarot readings and fascinating revelations, but also our strong ethical principles following our core values.


Ethics are presented by Dr. Arthur de Angelis.

Updated Oct 5, 2023.


Our kingdom prides itself on being clear boundaries, encouragement, and empathy.


We would like you to truly feel like royalty and give you a safe and secure setting where you can be easily inspired with a blink of an eye and a sprinkling of magic.


Code of Ethics includes:

"The benefits of a Tarot reading can be life changing, it is our responsibility to ensure the best experience   possible for the questioner and at all times place the welfare of the client as a priority.


We cannot make decisions for the questioner."


These ethical principles form the basis of our work at Based on this, we offer our free tarot readings online here.

  • Clarity and Transparency: sets distinct perimeters and is transparent in informing our users regarding our services, methodologies, and credentials. No deceptive statements are made.
  • Alongside our Mission and Vision - Respect and confidentiality: deeply respects and safeguards the privacy of its users. It has strict policies on confidentiality and makes sure that any personal details are handled in a confidential manner.
  • Empathy and Sensitivity: is compassionate and aware of users' needs and queries. It provides a nurturing environment where users feel valued and appreciated.
  • Inclusivity and Diversity: embraces people of different kinds of backgrounds, identities, and cultures. It supports an inclusive culture and does not engage in discrimination because of characteristics such as gender, race, or visual orientation.
  • Responsibility and self-empowerment: strongly encourages users to embrace their personal initiative and take responsibility for making their own informed decisions. It considers Tarot as a means of self-reflection and personal empowerment, and clarifies that it is not a replacement for seeking professional medical, legal, or financial advice.
  • Clarity and ethical boundaries: imposes clear boundaries and highlights what the Tarot and Psychic Readings can and cannot do. It doesn't make bogus predictions and urges users to be mindful that the tarot is ancillary to personal development.

Ethical Foundations of Arthur de Angelis' Free Tarot and Psychic Readings.

In the diversity of spiritual traditions, there is one clear guiding principle: "True enlightenment carries the burden of responsibility."


Arthur de Angelis' willingness to offer free psychic readings is not only a service, but also an ethical obligation. He ensures that wisdom remains accessible to all, regardless of financial situation, reinforcing the moral obligation to share knowledge.


Using advertisements as a means to support this is a modern solution that is seamlessly interwoven with timeless values.


Sharing information via email respects the sanctity of time and personal space, ensuring that each free tarot reading is both profound and personal.


As the ancient ethicists declared, "Sharing wisdom without expecting anything in return is the purest form of charity."

Our ethics are like a protective shield for you sets very high ethical standards to provide a positive and accountable atmosphere.


We guide users to unlock their inherent wealth of knowledge, strength, and personal growth. Our distinct limits and sensitive readings ensure privacy and confidenciality.


At you can find a kingdom of clarity of wisdom and discernment. Our tarot readings accompany you on your voyage of self-awareness. Welcome to, where ethical standards and personal growth converge!