When will I be in a Relationship? Tarot Card Reading and Free Spread about the possible time-frame of a coming Partnership

When will I be in Relationship Tarot Reading by Arthur de Angelis.

Update Oct 3, 2023

For entertainment only.


Congratulations on your tarot card! It has a positive energy which can be felt by anyone gazing at it for a while.


So what is a probable time frame? When will I be in a loving Relationship with a partner?


This is a highly symbolic tarot relationship card and as the querent here, you will be represented by the female figure in this couples’ card. 


Have a deep look at your card now here below.

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When will I be in a relationship?

This Tarot Card answers your question.

Now before this interpretation is underway, you need to prepare yourself. It is very important to be relaxed in body, mind and soul.


Also keep in mind, that this reading is for your entertainment only, is not science backed and no substitute for professional guidance. No minors allowed here.


Your heart’s intention must be pure and not harboring any malicious thoughts as extreme emotion can affect the psychic field.

So, looking at this card we can see a headless man and woman. Why you may ask? Some readings focus on the head and others on the heart: this is clearly the latter.


It seems likely that you will be attracted to someone you can learn from but this is not a purely cerebral relationship. There will be deep affection between you and predominantly a mentoring role for your lover. 


When will I be in a Relationship? Tarot Spread for free answering your question about the coming of a Partner

However, we must not ignore your question of ‘when’ this may happen in your future.


Tarot finds pinpointing when such a thing as meeting the love of your life notoriously difficult because with each decision you take, or with a set of circumstances forced unknowably upon you, the time-ratio changes.


Events may roll forwards in some cases, or be delayed in others.

We can see, though, that this is set in late summer or autumn. It is cold enough to wear a thin scarf and boots, but warm enough to only don a jacket and not an overcoat.


So it will be in these two seasons but this lies ahead of you by at least 9 months.

Now looking again closely at this, the book here denotes wisdom and emotional intelligence. Some women like a man to be more experienced. This is very common.


Here we can see true intimacy and note how the book’s pages have already been turned. Now this could mean one of two things.


Either your partner will share a lot of himself, his knowledge and his life story, or, that you will meet someone who you already have had a backstory with, in other words, a past love will resurface.


When will I be in a loving relationship? Free Tarot Card Reading for you explains the energy and symbols which indicate the possible time of a partnership

The book - centrally positioned between you - also represents learning and therefore you have to be open to understanding your past mistakes. It is utterly essential.


We are all on one long learning-curve and so it is a fundamental aspect of our spiritual development, too.


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This man of yours will become your guide, a teacher, someone in whom you can have an absolute trust.


The bag at his feet reflects his position of responsibility and all the qualities that he will bring to the table, so to speak. 

Notice how your legs are turned towards him in another signal of total confidence in him. Such a domestic kind of scenario speaks of a great friendship first.


This will be a mature love. You will be supported by friends and family in your excellent choice (as shown by the seat).  


Where do you stand with your opposite side?


This question can be gruelling. A Relationship Status Tarot Spread provides information. 

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A bench or a seat always symbolizes support, contemplation, being patient, meditation, and, of course, waiting.


These could be qualities you need to master in order to find or recognize your soulmate. He may even be closer to home than you realize.

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By asking how long, there is already an element of impatience there and the wise answer will always be, whenever you have mastered yourself.


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The universe rewards inner strength and resolve and you only have to ask for what you truly desire and it will be provided.


That is the conclusion of your spread: When will i be in a relationship? The Tarot reading of your card has very positive energy. You are on a good path. 


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