Who is Cancer Soulmate? This 3 Signs are your best match.

So you want to know who is Cancer Soul Mate? 

Here is the ranking:

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By Arthur de Angelis.

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Cancer, in accordance with the Golden Dawn system of comparing astrological signs to tarot cards, is represented by the Chariot sign.  

In many senses you are the warrior of tarot.


Who is Cancer Soulmate?

Thus two cancer signs together, or a double Chariot, is intensely driven, has self-confidence, is may be too bullish and must curb each other’s large egos.


You are an energetic and courageous pairing. For Cancer, it is all about deep feeling! 

tarot card showing the best soulmate for cancer

You are predatory and if drawn to someone emotionally, you will both ignore others in your paths; thus there is a ruthless streak in a same-sign coupling.


Cancerians love to make others feel safe and home life is really important to this sign.


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You are soft and gentle underneath the hard shell and your renowned ability to offer compassion makes you well liked.

Who is Cancer Soulmate? These 2 signs are also a good match.

The chariot symbolizes a victorious side, assertiveness, strong willpower, a lover of speed with mental powers of intense focus.


However, the chariot also has associations with the moon. Therefore, other signs which form a possible twin-flame connection are Pisces and Scorpio.

who is cancer soulmate

The second card is Death and this corresponds with another water sign, Scorpio. You two will speak the same emotional language.


In tarot the Death card is feared, and, interestingly, in astrology, so too are Scorpios. However, such archetypes certainly do not represent danger or death literally.


In this relationship there may be a clash as your home-body nature is challenged by a Scorpio’s lust for intense and constant change.


Also as Scorpio is classically associated with all things physical, this can be a drain.


But the good news is that this isn't solely what they crave, they need physical and spiritual closeness and, above all else, emotional intimacy.


Cancer finds Death full of mystery but Scorpios can be imposing and over passionate.

The Death card ultimately means you will have to embrace change for this partnership to really work over time and you will, in many ways, be subjugated.


If you like to be dominated, then this is the match for you.


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Cancer Soulmate Sign: This is your best match

Now the third draw is your ultimate soulmate-card: The Moon.

As the thirteenth Major Arcana card, this represents Pisces from an astrological standpoint.


Your two tarot cards have two important symbols in common: water and the moon. This is fortuitous in deed.


The Moon is undoubtedly mystical, even idealistic, so your Piscean partner will always see the best in you.


You both are instinctual and intuition plays an enormous part in your emotional makeup. Pisces is dreamy and operates using their subconscious, this suits you well.


As the last constellation of the zodiac, its two opposing fish denote their position balanced between fantasy and reality.


But you like this impressionable, creative individuality for you are also compassionate and idealistic.


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This is a deep sign and your connection will be profound and spiritually enriching.

Their softness and total belief in you will soften your warrior nature and bring out your innate generosity.


Your protective, homing instincts will be fully appreciated by the far shyer Moon.


Who is Cancer Soulmate? Well, know you know which signs match best.