Who is Gemini Soulmate? 3 best Signs ranked and explained in a Tarot Reading

Do you want to know, who is Gemini soulmate? Which sign fits best for women and men?


Then welcome to a deep and free analysis with tarot cards. You will learn who the best match is with you on the soul level and how you can live a happy life together. 


By Arthur de Angelis.

For Entertainment only. 


A word of encouragement and wisdom: best soulmates for gemini are not just magicked into existence and waiting around until you suddenly appear.


Once found, these relationships must be worked on like any other. Never neglect a relationship. Love is always a balancing act. 


Who is Gemini Soulmate?

There are three possible matches for you:

Yet despite this, it is, in fact, Libra and Gemini which form the perfect match.

Both are guided by the Air Element which should provide a great start - certainly on the basis of mentally connecting.


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Who is a Gemini Soul mate? As for your ruling card in the tarot’s Major Arcana, it is the Lovers!

tarot card point out the best soulmate for gemini

This card represents duality, just as Gemini does, and how decision-making can be ultra-difficult for you. The Lovers stand for two opinions like in their symbolic counter-parts, Adam and Eve.


As we have male and female in this sign’s emblem, so, too, do we have the forward-thinking masculine energy balanced by the intuitive mind of the woman.


You must always recognize both these aspects of your personality.


The two combined make one powerful whole. So you have a strong divide in your nature and must allow for the twin forces of mental needs versus bodily desires. You need both. 

Being in a relationship based purely on the intellect will stifle your physical self.


People may misjudge you and say that you are hypocritical, however, you just demand good communication: for you are in the third house of Messages and Information – thus, ruled by Mercury (the ‘messenger ‘planet).


In any relationship, you need to be able to really talk to your partner and this may be so developed between you, that you even form your own kind of language; this is known as a form of ‘twinning’.


Naturally, this is most potent when a Gemini falls in love with itself, or, another Gemini.

A good Gemini Soulmate Sign is Libra

The second card of the three drawn for you is your closest soul connection: Libra.


As expected, within the tarot deck a Libra is the potent justice card. Now you two have a similar love of the truth and moral integrity which binds you on a mental and spiritual level.


You are naturally kind-hearted and believe in fairness and weep easily at sentimental movies. While many are prepared to walk past a begging mother and her children, you two will not.


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In fact, oftentimes your spare room has a needy friend, relative or even stranger being put up as you have this strong sense of duty and are fundamentally humanitarian.

Your one shared weakness is indecision and so if you cannot commit, beware that another just might swoop in.

Best Gemini Soulmate revealed by online Tarot Cards

The third card is The Star denoting none other than Aquarius, another air sign. You handle life similarly and both have an enormous drive to learn.


The problem is that your physical needs must also be fulfilled.


You two are very social and could easily plot a revolution in your heads but you should aim from your bed as it is the physical side which may suffer in this coupling.


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This is a stubborn sign so try to avoid clashing too often. Remember, a purely intellectual base will not last.


So now you know more about who the best Gemini Soulmate is.