Who is Sagittarius’ Soulmate?

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Who is Sagittarius soulmate?


By Arthur de Angelis.

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Here are the 3 best Soul Mates for Sagittarius ranked.

Who is a good Sagittarius SoulMate?

This zodiac sign is associated with the Temperance tarot card. Both strive for a more enlightened state of consciousness.


The angel depicted in the Tarot card is "tempering" - an integration process stabilizing one’s energy. Thus this Fire sign is attracted to new ideas, self-exploration and anthropology.


Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur - half human, half horse - and freedom is their basic need. 

The 1st card drawn here for perfect compatibility is also Temperance.

tarot card pointing at the best soulmate for saggitarius

Since these two are explorers, their curiosity will lead them on adventures.


You will get along well as neither of you want to talk about feelings, which exhausts many relationships. Words aren’t needed as this is a great love match.


You love learning and will grow together. You also enjoy having a fun time, plus are openly affectionate.


As mutable signs, you adapt easily, but when younger, you may change your opinions and feelings easily, too.

Who is Sagittarius Soulmate?

The 2nd draw is Leo or the Strength tarot card. Now this fiery sign combination means that you will almost certainly start a relationship.


Passion reigns here as you two are highly compatible. You are all about energy and you are on the same wavelength.


Leo and Sagittarius are two of the friendliest and most out-going in the zodiac.


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As a couple, everyone enjoys being around you two. Despite your optimism, there is a real depth to your relationship.


Your combined energy is ‘masculine’ as your signs are Yang in terms of polarity: hence the powerful freedom-loving Centaur and the Strength card depicting the taming of a lion.


Thus, you have pure animal charisma and together you exude vitality, ambition and creativity. This is a mature pairing. 

The 3rd card drawn is an Aries, or in tarot, the Emperor.

This card denotes great power. Here is another Fire sign, which shares your warmth, positivity, sociability, self-confidence and energy.


When two signs from the same element - fire - first encounter one another, they tend to get along famously as they naturally understand each other.

Who is Sagittarius Soulmate? Thus, this love-match will make outstanding companions and spouses.

The wise Emperor comprehends your optimistic outlook on life: you could never be with a misery. In your case, conflicts are uncommon.


When Aries and Sagittarius come together, expect a non-stop quest with much laughter and jollity. Which is infectious.


It doesn’t get better, surely. You are like two peas in a pod. No one has a deeper bond.


The archer and the ram certainly live in the fast lane. Your friends mean the world to you and vice versa. You are both spontaneous and try new things.


Beware of burn out! After all, excitement can wear off if you are never alone deepening your ties.


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As both Sagittarius and Aries’ Sun falls in the fifth house of love, pleasure-seeking can be like an addiction. 

Remember well, after the entertainment of being with friends, there needs to be some energy left for your private relationship, cementing intimacy as well as sharing yourselves.


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Real closeness needs work as it doesn’t come easily in this pairing. 

Now you know how a good match as a Sagittarius Soulmate is.