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Hey there at Aquarius Love Tarot for your wonderful zodiac sign.

Want to know what your horoscope and psychic card has to say about the future of your relationship?


Then take a look here. You really have reason to be happy. Your symbol card down here is a very good omen. Get all the details and read on. 

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You are a precious being. For no one has the right to hurt you. You will laugh again and be in the arms of a loved one.


This is the essential meaning of this card.

Please read on and get more details about what the card could mean for you.


In your relationship with another person, you may feel quite helpless at the moment. Maybe also as a prey or a trophy, an unwanted gift for another person's constraints and demands.


Is your happiness and joy dependent on his decisions? No, it is not. Please remember that you do have free will. If you feel harassed and pressured, take a step aside.


Don't decide anything now, don't say yes where you mean no. 

Different opportunities will come along that are a much better fit for you. This may come in the form of a fluke. 

It could well be that right now a beneficial opportunity will step into your life's fortunes.

A random encounter, a recommendation from a person nearby may tip the scales. It may be an invitation, a tip, a compliment or a question.

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Please hold your attention at this time. You may be receiving advice from an older person. Take it seriously. But decide for yourself what to do.

Don't say you are ready now if deep down you don't feel ready.


This also applies to agreements within a partnership. However, simultaneously know that you are totally fine the way you are.


You don't have to become gorgeous to experience happiness and love. You are a wonderful person.

You may also praise and love yourself. 

If you have a yes-no question or are facing a decision, the card's answer is no. Not yet. Wait yet.


This no prevents you from taking unnecessary detours.

For example, if you wonder what another person thinks about you. Whether he finds you attractive. No does not mean that it cannot come to anything. It means that now is not the right time. Wait.

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In an existing relationship, you may feel that there is nothing left of your love. Don't let difficulties and anger hold you down.

Even if you both don't have time or energy to work through relationship problems now.


It is not a time to say goodbye. Wait a little longer, then it will be a better time to discuss and overcome the crisis. 


You and your sweetheart could at least take a look at what is positive and valuable even in the present situation. Turn your focus away from the darker side.

It may also be necessary to issue an apology.


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This means that you should forgive yourself. You may still be punishing yourself for past mistakes. Don't. Write the whole thing down on a piece of paper and burn it.

By doing so, you clear the way for a beautiful future in love and relationship. 


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