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Updated Oct 29, 2023


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In this free card reading you will learn what his intentions may be with you and with your relationship.


You will learn more about his true feelings and secret thoughts. 


So get informed here at Free True Intentions Tarot Card Reading Online. 


Choose from these different readings. 


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Men are often very reluctant to talk about their true intentions.

A word of advice beforehand.

Make use of Tarotprince´ Love Tarot Reading online.

Do not try to manipulate him and do not play games with him. He will notice it sooner or later and then everything can be over quickly.


It needs the right time and the right atmosphere for it.

Accurate Intentions Tarot Card Reading for free

Do you feel that undeniable pull of curiosity about his intentions and want to explore the secrets of the heart? Read into our latest article on tarot reading and discover cosmic signs and insights that will guide your intuition.


With comprehensive instruction and a sprinkling of wizardry, this is an insightful journey full of discoveries you won't want to miss.


Let the cards brighten the journey ahead and provide answers to those burning questions you've been putting off. Does he really want to meet me? Get your reading now.

Free True Intentions Tarot Card Reading Online

You can also contribute something important to this. Show interest, but don't squeeze him. Just talk about yourself and your dreams and desires. You can also do this in pictures, symbols and colors.


He will understand. 


Are you looking for a partner? Want to know what to look for in a partner or a husband? Here is your tarot reading on what to look for in a relationship.


Even if he doesn't show it right away. Men are usually a bit more reserved than women. So practice patience. 


Have fun with the Intentions Tarot Online and the accurate Card Reading by Arthur de Angelis

Your free and personal Tarot Reading on His Intentions in Love and Relationship with You.

Reading 1: What was his true intention towards me? Did he value our moments together, or was it more about material gain? Why did his actions shift so drastically, making me feel invisible after once being so close?


Specifically for your situation, I have drawn a tarot card. Let's see if it tells us something about the energies behind its intentions. What is he up to? How does he mean what he says and does? 


The "Seven of Cups" highlights a landscape of illusions and complex motivations. From this card, it is apparent that his intentions may have been a mixture of genuine moments and other, perhaps more selfish desires.


While there were certainly genuine feelings, the appeal of material or other external benefits may have clouded his true feelings.


It is as if he was moving in a maze of options and emotions, sometimes completely failing to see the real thing.


This tarot card reading lets you realize that his contradictory behavior is caused by his inner dilemma rather than your relationship.


Even although it is a challenge, try to disconnect his actions from your inner value. The Universe urges you to get clarity and put your own emotional well-being first.


Reading 2: Is his intention genuine in wanting to fix our relationship? What's the energy behind his recent actions, and is there something or someone else influencing him?


When "The High Priestess" appears, she symbolizes intuition, depth and layers that have not yet been revealed.


Her presence in your interpretation suggests that behind his actions lies a mesh of layered emotions and thoughts, not all of which are readily visible to the outside world. There might be more to it than meets the eye, but it is crucial that you proceed with awareness and discrimination.


Uplifting message from this Psychic Interpretation of this Tarot Card for you: 


Facing every kind of challenge in life, as rugged and testing as it may be, is a stepping stone to further growth in your personal life and deeper understanding.


In those moments of uncertainty, it's important to hold on to the belief that the universe, in its infinite wisdom, has a path laid out for you.


Trust your gut instincts, believe in the big picture, and remember that after the darkest night always comes the promise of dawn.


Always, including this time. The energies will shift, and with patience and introspection, a clearer perspective will emerge to guide your heart toward clarification and resolution.


Remember that you are never alone on this journey. The Universe is by your side offering its silent support and guidance. Even when its actions seem confusing. It is not your fault and you have made a good effort.


Be kind to yourself and nurture your wounded heart. The energies for resolution of the situation will soon be better. Take the pressure off your soul and let fresh energy into your heart. 


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