Marriage Tarot Card - Spread & Reading for your informative Answers.

Congrats to your Marriage Tarot Card. As a card in this free accurate tarot reading for love and marriage prediction, you have selected one of the most interesting in the deck. This has powerful vibrations.

But before we analyze its deeper meaning and pluralism, you will need to mentally prepare for the Tarot Card Marriage predictions and the answers of this reading.


So find a peaceful spot to nestle down and meditate in order to open your chakras - especially the third eye.


Having aligned your seven chakras, remember to breathe slowly and deeply, particularly exhaling as slowly as it is possible to do.

Now here we have the extremely rare card of the double couple in this informative Marriage Tarot Spread!


It is an extremely interesting tarot card as it has multiple significations. Which one of these may apply to you? Well, we shall have to see…

Marriage Tarot Spread for you

On first inspection, you cannot fail to miss the young couple in love and the older couple in the near distance crossing the bridge.


Possibly the younger about to marry, the older couple being married for a long time. A very good omen. As the querent seeking knowledge about your future, ‘you’ are represented by the twin females.


This will mean there is a duality to your nature. You are a complex being who looks for answers outside of the normal channels and are highly intuitive. 

So what is so special about this concept?

Of two in this free love tarot reading?

Well, it is built into the very essence of life itself, into our DNA’s double helix.


Now back to this very Marriage Tarot Reading. It offers many positive indications.

Thus twins feature in many legends, myths and fairy tales. 

This Marriage Tarot Card represents a strong bond between two people

The double is also connected with the opposite or even with a struggle.  Perhaps you are struggling right at this very moment with some pressing issues concerning your compatibility.


Or if your lover is serious or whether you are right for him etc. The course of love rarely runs smoothly, does it? 


This Marriage Tarot Card is full of information and symbols: the bridge, youth and age, autumn, water and intimacy.

Let us deal with the all-important bridge over the water. Inherently, this represents togetherness and close communication.


This is a great motif to have on your card.

Accurate Marriage Tarot Reading - our offer

Bridges cross over: time, barriers, problems etc. They connect us to ourselves, to each other, to nature and to the spiritual realm (the other side). 


The bridge in this tarot spread, as it is presented in this free Tarot Card Reading for Marriage is a profoundly complex image. Yes, as it also symbolizes life and death, a journey, and coupled with autumn.


The most fruitful season – a prediction of a long and happy journey through life. This seems an auspicious card.


You seem to have found a partner, or soon will find, who will be by your side right into the autumn of your lives: a true connection.

The autumn references that your union will bear fruit and it is based on a deeply passionate love.


The bridge, after all, does denote the male organs.

In a Marriage Tarot Spread, bridges can signify life changes – a crossing and/ or passing through a troublesome period and finding a new path ahead.


If this is the case, there is a positive outcome as the powerful radiance of that autumn day reveals this.


The brighter light on your heads may also refer to greater awareness and enlightenment.

Marriage Tarot - a Service for a better future together

Life is a journey and you appear to have chosen well and your love will only deepen with true understanding which time alone can bring.


The autumnal setting may also point to retirement and more time for each other; the Marriage Tarot Card Reading depicts a satisfying mutual understanding, respect, increased wisdom, commitment and an active life.


Notice how you are both wearing sportive clothing, this double couple card promotes a healthy way to live, and love and health are vital ingredients which will serve you both all your life long.

Ultimately, the bridge can help us to overcome any obstacle life may throw at us. Maintaining your fitness is clearly indicated here as paramount to your prolonged happiness.


Also the card of this Marriage Tarot Spread is showing you how you must always embrace intimacy and show affection. Men may not like to ask for cuddles but they certainly need them.


The bridge is in the centre of this card and is the connection between the two couples, thus it is crucial to this reading.

Tarot Cards Marriage Predictions: get answers to burning questions, inform yourself

It is conceptually important: make sure your life always has a direction, keep focused, remain close to one another and ask and you will always be assisted. 


Note well that there will always be moments when we all need help and stability so that we can span the gap, cross to the other side and keep our feet dry (metaphorically speaking).


This is natural to progress and you will not be alone, the tarot card is crystal clear in that regard.


I guess the last word on bridges is that they can truly mark a strong relationship which has the possibility of recovering from the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’. 

Your Marriage Tarot Card provides good information. Welcome to another spread

Some may say that this is some sort of divine intervention or your guardian angels looking out for you, but whatever you apportion your good luck to, you will be a fortunate person in love.


Keep your eyes open and watch out for the bridges along your life’s long journey and traverse them together. Is it a yes or no? Love Tarot Answers are here. When you have a set-back or a hurdle, look for the safe crossing and hold each other all the more closely.

Your card is predicting longevity in both life and marriage-love if you keep fit and hold each other as a married couple in times of trouble.


You will make it to your autumn years with your love alongside following these pointers in your card; the passing years will bring a greater knowledge of each other and of the universe itself.


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This Marriage Tarot Card is spiritually uplifting and is all about appreciating the gift of health. Another very important message and information of this Marriage Tarot Spread:


Also the gift of love and the support you can offer to one another when you love unselfishly, when you maintain a balance and embrace equality in your relationship.


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