Who is the Tarotprince? More about Dr. Arthur de Angelis and his experience between Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Card Readings, Clairvoyance and professional Psychology

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About Me: Dr. Arthur de Angelis

Update: Oct 5, 2023.

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It is a great honor for me to share my world with you.


This is my free service and the following offer:


  • Psychic Readings on any question that is on your mind.
  • Tarot Teadings online and free Oracle interpretation for your burning questions.
  • Plus Clairvoyance answers to any topic that is important to you. 


You want to get in contact with me? 


This service on offer is 100% no cost.


Under the pseudonym Dr. Arthur De Angelis - my shield against skeptical looks in my role as a professional psychologist with a doctoral degree - I am happy to give you a peek into my work here at Tarotprince.com.


My Service is focused around Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading and consulting.


I am aware that the realm of the Tarot and Psychic Reading may cause a frown for some people. It may appear mystifying and beyond comprehension, almost as if it talks in a different tongue.


But that is precisely the point. The tarot cards and their meaning have a particular language that they speak, and my job is to help them translate that and make it available.


As a psychologist, I know about the underlying nature of the subconscious mind and how life conditions, personal stories, and deep-seated feelings shape our outlooks and decisions. The tarot cards reflect these inner truths in fascinating ways.


Take Anna, for instance, a client of mine who was facing a challenging love situation.


The tarot cards we picked for her reading echoed her fears, hopes, and deeply embedded desire for transformation. The psychological reading of the cards allowed Anna to better understand her situation and set her on the path to finding a solution.

Dr. Arthur de Angelis: Merging Psychology with Psychic Readings and Tarot Cards

Merging the worlds of psychology and psychic insights isn't commonplace, but it's where the magic happens.


With a doctorate in psychology and advanced training in mediumship and tarot, I've transformed the traditional psychic reading into a profound, holistic experience.

How I became who I am. Why I moved from Classical Psychological Counselling to esoteric Psychology and Psychic Reading with Tarot Cards and also without any tools. And what advantages this has for you.

Imagine, I once earned a doctorate in scientific psychology. Yes, really! And I thought that was it - I could really help people overcome their problems. And, you know, in a way it worked. But every now and then I had this feeling.... Like there was a piece of the puzzle missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I felt there might be something more, something beyond what books and studies tell us.


Then I stumbled across Arthur Findlay College - maybe you've heard of it? It's an incredible place. There I immersed myself in the world of clairvoyance, otherworldly contacts and Psychic Mediumship and Healing. And WOW, it was a real game changer for me! Suddenly I could see and understand things that were previously hidden. It was as if I had put on a new pair of glasses and could see the world and my clients' problems in a whole new light.


And you know what? Then the Tarot came into my life too. I never saw myself as the typical "tarot card reader", but the more I got into it, the more I realised how powerful these cards could be as a source of inspiration. The combination of my psychological training, the tarot cards and this new "seeing power" changed everything. The results? Simply unbelievable. My clients were suddenly able to recognise and solve things that previously seemed like unsolvable riddles.


Today I look back and am just grateful for this journey. It wasn't always easy, but I know now that I took the right path. And I am so happy to share this with you!

When you delve into a session with me, here's what you'll discover.

What are the Benefits of a Psychic Reading with a Psychological Twist?

  • Profound, individual insights: It is not just a regular psychic reading, but an exploration of the underlying levels of your psyche and spirit.
  • Scientifically balanced approach: Witness the balance between rigorous psychology and insightful intuitive psychic guidance.
  • Focus on personal growth and understanding: With my background in psychology, I don't simply offer guidance, but show you ways to personal growth.
  • Clarity & Direction of Life: Using psychic insights, fully understand your present, your past and how these are intertwined with your future.
  • Empowerment for Decision Making: My readings are designed to share with you both clairvoyant insights and psychological tools for a balanced view of life.

If you are seeking more than a Psychic reading, but a transformative journey that combines the spiritual with the scientific, you are in the right hands with me.


Let's go on a unique exploration together that will enlighten, empower and uplift you."


Especially in Love and Relationship matters a psychic guidance could be of vital importance. Want to know more? Why not having a look at my Free Psychic Love Reading for you?


It is individually tailored around your zodiac sign and complementary traits. A very individual approach.


What is the Tarot for me? The window to the soul and wisdom for every day

Dear Reader,


you know, the Tarot is so much more to me than just a deck of cards. When I think of it, it always reminds me a bit of flicking through a beautiful, profound coffee table book. Each card tells its own story and opens a window to our own soul.


Have you ever heard of Aleister Crowley or Pamela Colman Smith? They are two of the most famous personalities in the Tarot field. Crowley created the Thoth Tarot, and Pamela created the imagery for the Rider-Waite Tarot, which you may have seen before. I admire their work so much because they really captured the essence and depth of the Tarot with their designs and interpretations.


The beauty, especially of the Latin Tarot is, that it doesn't just give us messages from a mysterious world far away. It helps us to understand ourselves better, to feel what is going on inside us and to become aware of our own strengths and abilities. It's as if the Tarot lovingly takes us by the hand and says, "See, this is you - and you are wonderful."


And that's exactly what I want to achieve with my tarot readings: I want you and everyone else who comes to me to realise how precious, loved and powerful you are. That each of us has the right to live in happiness, love, harmony and peace. And that the Tarot can help us find that path and walk it with confidence.


For your yes-no questions, the Tarot also has good answers that inspire you to get going yourself. 


For every day there is the Daily Tarot. With it, you are well prepared for the next 24 hours and have an idea of what could happen. Of course, this is only to help you do what is good and right for you. 


I hope this gives you a little insight into why I am so passionate about Tarot. If you ever feel like trying it yourself or learning more about it, let me know!

For those who are interested in the history of the Tarot and the origin of the cards I link a very interesting video below. 

This tradition is very present on the internet today. That's why I created my website and still enjoy working on it every day. Great idols for me are websites like tarot.com, or this tarot service online.

For those who want to get more information about the individual tarot cards and their meanings, here is a very good explanatory video. Please note that I partly use the Tarot deck that I and my team have developed ourselves. 

Another aspect of tarot practice and reading is the development of my intuition. I also put in a lot of effort so that your intuition also gets a good boost when working with me. A good practice is to combine the Tarot with astrology.


For me, this works like a turbo that unites the best of both worlds. You can find my Tarot Astrology totally free here. And a Soulmate Tarot Spread is also a very individual insight that could uncover many aspects of unexpected connections. 

What is Psychic Reading for me and why should you have one?

Think of Psychic Reading as a heartfelt talk about life, where we not only talk to each other, but also connect to the spiritual world. It's like we're attuned to a different frequency and getting messages that are especially meant for us.


But you know what the nicest thing about it is? These very messages are not there to make us dependent or to tell us what we should or should not do. No, rather they help us to know who we are better.


Have you heard of John Edward or James Van Praagh? Both are very well known mediums in the English speaking world and have assisted a lot of people with their abilities. They are so inspirational because they show how to get in touch with the spiritual world without losing yourself.


So when I do a Psychic Reading, my purpose is not to prescribe life for you or anyone else. It's about recognising what amazing abilities, potential and possibilities lie dormant within you. And then I want you to go out into the world with this knowledge, full of self-confidence, and live in happiness, love, harmony and peace. Because that's what we all deserve, isn't it?


I hope I've managed to give you a taste of why Psychic Reading is so special to me. But not only for me, but for many other people as well. But not only for me, but for many other people as well. Some psychic mediums are quite famous and even have their own show on TV. 


And if you ever feel that you would like to receive a message from the spiritual world yourself, I am always here for you.

For the sceptics among you, I link here to a video in which Tyler Henry vehemently convinces sceptical celebrities that Psychic Reading works. 

Perhaps you are particularly interested in the topic of love. Then you will certainly be interested in my Free Psychic Love Readings for each sign of the zodiac. 


A service that is often requested is Soulmate Psychic Reading. Many people long for it and want to know where and when they will meet their soulmate and what he or she looks like. 

What does Clairvoyance mean to me and what are the benefits of receiving a reading online from me?

There are certain personalities in the world of clairvoyance that I particularly admire and find inspiring.


Theresa Caputo and Lisa Williams are such individuals. Why do I mention them? Because they work with integrity and heart. They both show that a clairvoyant reading is not only about delivering mysterious messages, but about helping people in their personal development and providing comfort.


Why is this essential for you to know? Well, if you know what role models and practices I value, you will get a deeper sense of how I work and what values are important to me.


Linking to these clairvoyants gives you the opportunity to experience their work for yourself, understand their method and see how they interact with people.


It also indicates that my approaches and practices are based on proven and accepted methods. For me, Clairvoyance also has to do with spirituality and ethics, as you can see from the Spiritual Readings. What matters to me is that you can be sure: You are in good hands with me, just as you are with these impressive representatives of clairvoyance.

Admittedly, the following video is of course very dramatically staged. But it clearly shows what a clairvoyant reading can mean for a person. 

What do Oracles, Astrology, Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs mean to me? The timeless messages of the Stars

Oracles and astrology - doesn't that sound fascinating? When I think of oracles, I feel like I've been carried back to a time when people consulted the stars and the universe to find answers. And that's precisely what we're still doing today, just with a modern twist!


Imagine oracle cards that not only give universal wisdom, but are also directly connected to the energies and personalities of each zodiac sign. Especially the Yes No Oracle.


Each star sign has its own particular strengths, challenges and love dynamics. The blend of oracle and astrology can therefore offer us deep insights into these specific aspects of each sign.


Now that the tarot is involved: imagine drawing tarot cards in the light of your own zodiac sign. The lessons of your horoscope can become so much more precise and relevant, especially when it comes to deep connections like soulmates.


Every zodiac sign has its own love stories represented in the Love Oracle, set of challenges and karmic connections, and the marriage of tarot, horoscope, zodiac sign and astrology can shed light on these special relationships.


Why do I link all this together? Because I believe this combination is a powerful set of tools that not only offers wisdom about our own life paths, but also helps us to understand the secret of relationships and soul ties.


It is my fundamental mission to help you realise your full possible potential and bring out the best in the stars for you, so that you can enjoy your birthright - happiness, love, harmony and peace - to the fullest.

Why do I, Arthur de Angelis, Offer Free Tarot and Psychic Readings?

Ever wonder why some services are given for free?


What if I told you that it is a combination of passion, a commitment to social justice and a belief in the profound power of counselling?


Let's take a deep plunge into why I have chosen this path of free readings and how we both benefit from it. Are you ready to understand my mission?

My belief in equal access.

Have you had the need for counselling but been discouraged by the potential cost?


I believe that everyone, no matter their monetary situation, has access to the insights that tarot and clairvoyant readings can offer.


This is why I offer a free Tarot Reading online.


In our fast-paced world, shouldn't everyone have the chance to gain some clarity and personal growth?

Your reading, paid for by ads.

You may be asking how I can offer these readings for free? It's quite simple: the costs are covered by advertisements.


This effectively translates to while companies spread their message, you get to enjoy profound readings without having to bother about money.


This reflects the benefits for both of is when i offer my Free Psychic Reading here.


Isn't it wonderful when everyone benefits?

Why email? Let's look into its benefits

Have you considered how comfortable it is to receive readings by email? For you, it means you have the freedom to reflect on the insights I deliver at your own pace.


And for me? It allows me the time to connect deeply and make sure I'm giving you the best advice I can. After all, don't we both deserve the best possible experience?

Who is Psychic Dr. Arthur de Angelis and why is he using the pseudonym "The Tarotprince"?

I have been practicing psychological counseling, mental training and personal development for more than over three decades.


This experience, paired with my enthusiasm for Tarot and Psychic Reading, has led to the creation of this website. Here I blend the worlds of tarot, psychic reading and psychology to help people uncover answers to their most profound queries.


I am not interested in esoteric brainwashing or manipulation. On the contrary, I use my abilities to help people find more clarity about their current situation.


For more in-depth information please read our Mission and Vision and also our Core Values.

Following our ethical principles we are proud of our history here at Tarotprince.com


Every tarot reading is an empowering opportunity to offer people a new point of view on their current situation. My approach is ethical, respectful, and always centered on the individual's benefit. Because at the end of the day, the well-being of my clients is the most vital thing.


It fills me with tremendous joy when I see a person find new understanding and answers to their life by combining psychological advice with Tarot reading. It is the centerpiece of my profession and the underlying reason why I enjoy each day I spend doing what I do.


So welcome to my universe of tarot and psychic reading. I look forward to guiding you on your journey.


Your can find me on Facebook.


Your Dr. Arthur de Angelis


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