Is He Being Unfaithful and Betraying My Trust? Tarot's Insights on Infidelity

Exposing hidden feelings and truths.


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I have drawn the orange card of faithfullness for you. Here is a question and answer game that will give you more clarity for your burning question: Is he unfaithful to me? 


Q: You are looking for clarity on "Is he betraying our trust?"

A: Tarot cards can shed light on underlying dynamics.


Update: Oct 8, 2023

Author: Arthur de Angelis


Q: Are you sensing the burden of a possible betrayal?

A: I am here to advise you. Treachery can be complicated, with stories that are not told.


Q: You wonder if the heart can forgive?

A: Capturing the whole story can be the first step to healing.


Engage in the details of the card. It will give you ideas about his faithfulness and more.


Is His Loyalty in Question? Tarot's Perspective on Faithfulness Concerns

Q: Has trust been affected by infidelity?

A: The Tower Card often signifies a gradual upheaval and a fundamental change, which can imply that trust has been shaken. Coping with this change requires self-reflection and listening.


Q: What are the most common signs that someone is unfaithful?

A: The Seven of Swords can refer to deception or secretive behaviour, while the Moon card hints at latent truths and delusions. These cards can show signs of infidelity, but they can also reveal other hidden problems.


Q: How can you confront a partner suspected of infidelity?

A: The Justice Card counsels approaching the situation with fairness and balance. It advises to state the facts, give from the heart and seek the truth.


Q: Can a relationship recover from an act of infidelity?

A: The Temperance card represents recovery and balance. With patience, understanding and mutual effort, it is possible to find harmony again.

Doubting His Fidelity? Tarot Cards Shine Light on Relationship Trust Issues

Q: Why might someone in a committed relationship become unfaithful?

A: The Devil card can point to being tied down or trapped by material or physical desires. It can indicate that deeper attachments or patterns are at play that are bringing about the infidelity.


Q: How can one deal with the emotional consequences of a partner's infidelity?

A: The star chart holds a statement of hope and healing. It advises seeking spiritual guidance, maybe through further tarot readings, to find peace and direction.


Q: What actions can help prevent infidelity in a relationship?

A: The Lovers card, signifying union and choices in relationships, advises maintaining open communication and understanding.


The Two of Cups, symbolising partnerships, suggests that mutual respect and emotional connection can help build the strength of the relationship.

Unearthing the Truth: Is He Committing Betrayal? Tarot Reveals possible Infidelity Clues

Q: How can I decipher the symbolism of the cards?

A: Look for clues, such as a distant figure, that indicate feelings of alienation and possible regret.


Q: Do you perceive a rift between the two of you?

A: Outside forces, such as major life changes, could be driving a wedge in your relationship.


Is he seeing someone else? This Tarot Reading is for you.


Q: What does the card really say?

A: Remember to reconnect. Relight the flame that brought you together in the first place.


Q: Can you find a way to overcome the pain?

A: The symbols, like the suitcase, indicate that you are embarking on a transformational journey.


Q: Are you fascinated by the bright orange colour of the card?

A: Orange has a strong resonance. Spiritedly, it is associated with emotion and creativity.


Q: Could the influence of another upset its balance?

A: That is quite possible. The challenge is to find the strength to renew.


Q: Are you ready to move on and leave the pain behind?

A: Challenges often mould us and drive us to grow.




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