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Update: Wednesday. July 26, 2023.

By Arthur de Angelis


As passionate consultants and enthusiasts, we strive to bring you only the best. In the course of our journey, we use a clever method to support our website - yes, you guessed it, it's affiliate links.

The principle of affiliate links and our disclaimer

Basically, when we present you a product or service that we value and you buy it through our link, we receive a modest amount of commission. This kind of system does not add to your cost; instead, it repays us for leading you to the featured product or service.


A simple example: We recommend a particular consulting platform or a cartomancer that we value. You buy it using our link, and a small portion of the purchase price ends up in our virtual coffee cupboard. 


Based on our Core Values and Ethics, we think this is fair for all sides. 

Our affiliate links disclaimer states: a win-win situation

Using affiliate links keeps us funded and helps us maintain this site and continue to produce high quality content backed by in-depth research and real world experience. Thats the fundament to continue our history.


Please be reassured that we only feature products, services, or techniques that we have personally tested and that are in accordance with our bio-psycho-social view of human nature. Our first priority at all times is your interests.

Transparency and responsibility: this also applies to our affiliate links.

For us, being transparent is more than a phrase; it's an inherent component of our overall relationship with you, our readers.


This also reflected by our Ads Policy.

That's exactly why we consistently mark affiliate links distinctly, so you're always aware when you're making use of such a link.

Closing words about our affiliate links disclaimer

We proudly recommend only products and services that we believe to be of high value. Our referrals are not biased by monetary interests. Having your trust and assistance allows us to keep producing high quality and ethical content.


Thank you for your continued trust and support.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Arthur de Angelis

the publisher and responsible for the content.