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When you realize that you are no longer comfortable in your relationship, you will certainly have important reasons for this. He may inflict mental or physical pain on you, but you love him too much to separate?

It's fine if you can't ignore that feeling. Because you have too kind a heart for that. You see the good in him, want to believe his lies and often forgive? If you are now at a point where you suffer and feel that all this should not actually be true, it is time for a look into your soul life.


Maybe something else from your past is preoccupying you, maybe a certain event has shaped you? No matter what it is: fear of loss, fear that you might make a mistake or your unconditional love for him.

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Sometimes it's something completely different that makes us hold on to something that obviously doesn't make us happy.

You are not alone in not being so well off in your relationship. Because there are so many women who are going through what you are going through. Maybe you also feel misunderstood by friends or your family and long for someone to finally support you.


You will get this support. You no longer have to suffer or torture yourself because you are strong enough to influence your own life. Right now it is important for you to deal with it, take honest advice and trust your gut. 

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