Spell to find a lost Item. Fast, Step by Step Instruction that really works

finding lost items spell symbolized by a book guide

How to properly use the spell to find a lost item fast. 


By Arthur de Angelis

Update: Aug 19. 2023

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How to use the science of energy work for the spell to find lost objects effectively and quickly.

Indeed, every living being, every object, and even any thought emits energy.


We often feel this energy as a belly feeling, intuition, or even a fleeting memory.

The concept is not strictly magical, but is based on the energy frequencies and vibrations that permeate our world.


By tapping into these frequencies, we can often retrace lost objects by resonating with their energy signature.

The Lost Item Spell: A Guide to Harnessing Energy. Practical Guide

In the following step-by-step guide, you will learn how to successfully perform this spell by yourself.


Track down and find things, that are lost or hided at a secret place.

What are the preparations for the finding lost items spell?

State of Mind: Start with a calm and focused mind. Do meditation for a few minutes to center yourself.


Physical Space: Choose a quiet place that is free from distractions. It can be indoors or outdoors, as long as you feel connected and comfortable.


Symbolic objects: Take a little memento or a picture of the lost item with you. If that is not available, any item that is personally important to you can be used.

What tools and setting do you need when using a spell to find a lost or misplaced item?

Lighting: dim the lights and, if possible, light a few candles. The soft light helps with concentration.


Sound: play soft instrumental music or nature sounds to help your concentration.


Scents: light incense or use essential oils like lavender or chamomile to calm your senses. This isn't strictly needed, but it will help relax your mind.

How to perform the spell to recover lost things

Position: sit comfortably with the symbolic object in front of you.


Breathing: Take a deep breath and focus only on the rhythm of your breath.


Chanting: Repeat the following mantra silently or in your head:


"Echoes of the past, energy that lasts,

Guide me to what has passed, help me move on.

Lost but not forgotten, begotten by this spell,

Show me the way, bring it to light today."


Visualization: close your eyes and imagine the lost object. Remember the last time you had it, the feelings associated with it, and its energy signature.


Receive: Keep your mind open to images, sensations, or thoughts that might lead you to the object. This doesn't have to be an exact location, but a hint or feeling that leads you in the right direction.

Summary and conclusion: this is how the spell succeeds and how you release the energy to find a lost item.

The lost item spell is more about energy work than magic. It is a technique that channels your inner energy, resonates with the energy of the lost item, and uses that connection to guide you to it.


This method relies heavily on your intuition and your ability to tune into the frequencies of the universe.


While there is no guarantee that the item will be found immediately, this spell serves to strengthen your intuition and perhaps lead you closer to what you are looking for.


Remember, it's all about focus, faith, and understanding that everything in this universe is connected by energy.


And even if you don't find the lost item, the spell provides a therapeutic and meditative experience that helps you make peace with the loss, and sometimes that is just as valuable.


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