Who is Aries Soulmate? These 2 signs fit together best.

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  • Who is Aries Soulmate?
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By Arthur de Angelis.

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This are the 2 best ranked mates:

  1. Leo
  2. Sagittarius

Now it is common knowledge that astrologically-speaking, Leo sign is the best soulmate for Aries.


They tend to have similar interests and also the same core values.Leo also will introduce some much-needed fun and excitement into Aries’ life because in their partners, they seek glamour and mystique which Leos embody. 


Therefore, ideally, they make the truest soulmates.

However the sign of Sagittarius is a great second best as a soul mate.


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Who is a Aries soulmate for women and men: Tarot Reading

tarot showing the best soulmate for aries

Now the first card is The Emperor and this is your ruling card (Major Arcana).


This is a powerful card of immense authority. It has fire and energy which manifests in Aries taking charge of any situation.

Beware of your habit to overwhelm your partner.


Now Arians will fight for their love and hence we see the Emperor in his armor, ready to do battle.


If a lover is truly worth your heart, then fighting to gain their love and respect will be admired, especially by a Leo.

Your sign likes a challenge and so nothing presents a greater one than the equally fiery and magnificent King/Queen of the Jungle, the lion (Leo). 


You will be easily bored with a yes-person, you need someone with enormous self-regard and an aura of equal strength.


The Emperor wears red, a vibrant color, revealing his (your)status and importance.


Behind him on the card are the mountains: remember ‘you’ as an Aries, have a tendency to be too unyielding.

To win over your Leo, you must praise them a lot and pander to their vanity and pride.


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Tarot Card reveals who is Aries Soul Mate Sign

who is aries soulmate

A second card also has influence here: the Hierophant or Four of Coins.


This suggests that though Leos are a perfect match on many levels, an Aries will often fall for an earth sign.


Also consider an older person as you tend to admire someone in an equally authoritative role e.g. a professional of some sort or someone who excels at what they do: admiration is important to you.


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You must look up to your partner. You also ironically like someone quite traditional, steadfast and who upholds the status quo.

The challenge of this sort of person is that they have high walls around themselves and you are just the person to smash them down!

Tarot Reading about Aries Soulmate Sign: This card reveals why Leo is the best mate

The final third card is the Hermit. From the love tarot deck it appears upside-down.


Thus a reversed Hermit means that this card’s positive qualities are either blocked or exaggerated.


If you have already found your mate, then possibly your partner has withdrawn from any deep commitment and has intimacy issues because of an emotional issue. Counseling.

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But you may be ignoring alone time by always immersing yourself in social activities and all because you fear introspection. 

Remember this:


In order to form a deep soul bond, it is essential to forge a deep connection with yourself first. You may have lost a sense of your earlier connection so spend time talking and being alone together. 


Then you are more than ready to meet your other half and get a real life answer to this question: Who is Aries Soulmate? Well, now you know.