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So you want to find your mate on soul level?

Our „How to find your soulmate tarot reading“ has answers for you.


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Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By Arthur de Angelis


To make the results even more accurate we have made the readings for each zodiac sign separately. Here you can find out everything in detail. 


So be prepared that this soulmate tarot spread shows that it could even be a person well known or within or on the fringe of your work-social circle.


Follow your zodiac sign below and learn how to find your soulmate in a psychic reading and how to tell it's the right one. 


Who is a soulmate for you if you are:

You deserve love.

Come and you shall see.

How can i find my soulmate - symbol cards of a tarot reading

Many readers combine tarot and astrological readings as there is a natural symbiosis of these two ancient disciplines. Ask the Tarot: What is the name of my Soulmate? Find it out in a reading.


Astrology drills down into the movement and position of the celestial bodies. This is possible when applied your particular star sign.


Now instead tarot focusses on the celestial universe’s almost mythical influence on our lives and to attract my soulmate.


When a seer combines these two forces, they reach a far deeper understanding of your situation, and thus these are the perfect complement.

Here our site at (Arthur de Angelis) offers unparalleled insight into your love life!


If you are already in a relationship or are simply exploring possibilities, everything you need is here.


These combination readings blend the symbolic meaning of the Star Signs with the upright and reversed Tarot Card influences.

Undoubtedly there are astrological cycles which is referred to when we say your fate is written in the stars; couple this with the moon’s cycles and we have an instructional body of evidence to refer to.


So imagine then the potency of this when combined with the uncanny accuracy of the tarot card system.

An accurate and online „How to find your soulmate Tarot Reading“ offers optimal potential to finally find your mate on soul level

Astrologers refer to love and soulmates in the fifth house, as every domain of life is covered in the birth charts.


Many may be interested even in which planet(s) rule this 5th house, it is very simple – find out which sign is on the cusp of your house and next, what is that sign’s ruling planet.


But that isn’t really necessary. The point is our readings outline three potential astrological soulmate signs and what to watch for to pursue true happiness. 

After all, every star sign has the magic number of three possible perfect partners; however, where you are in life i.e. your age and formative experiences can make one of these three more suited to you than the other two.


On top of which, there is the tarot’s influence. Now this is particularly interesting as if any of these signs are reversed, from the tarot’s perspective, it can drastically alter the reading.


For example, a proud Leo sign may be your perfect match.


In the tarot the Lion is represented by the Strength card, but if this card is reversed as opposed to upright, many of the leonine traits, such as power, charisma, leadership may have been impacted and the proud nature of Leo may now be a pale shadow of its former or usual self.

Thus, you will have to boost your Leo partner’s self-esteem and empower them at every opportunity. This is important to know and to accept before committing your heart to this union.


That is a perfect example of the tarot influencing the expected merging of your astrological sign with another.


You can achieve a far deeper revelation. 

So welcome to our „How to find your soulmate Tarot Card reading“.

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