Who is Aquarius' Soulmate?

Below we answer the question: Who is Aquarius' Soulmate in detail.


You will get a ranking of the 3 best Signs who fit well as partners on the soul level.


By Arthur de Angelis.

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The ranking of the 3 most suitable signs:

Aquarius is The Star card in the tarot deck. The Star is all about the healing of oneself and your need to, in turn, heal the world.


You realize that we are all connected and you have reserves of deep optimism.


Those under this sign are mystical, forever seeking and self-improving. Aquarians love to dig into the unknown. 

Who is a Aquarius Soulmate?

Now the 1st soulmate-card drawn is another Aquarian!

tarot card showing best soulmates for aquarius

You two will create one unconventional relationship, and may just ditch being married.


Two Stars together are bold and unafraid to question authority and the status quo: traditional religions fail to appeal when you prefer to find your own spirituality.

Together you are unstoppable, full of hope and faith, you are truly beloved by the universe.


You find peace from your fellow Aquarian and enter a loving phase in your life, where lots of energy reigns. You share the same vision and are pragmatic not fanciful.


You may have eccentric ways, creativity will be important and what others may perceive as weirdness is always acceptable. How to deal with it best? Find out in a Psychic Soulmate Reading.

Aquarius Soul Mate revealed by Tarot Cards

The 2nd draw is Gemini: this corresponds with The Lovers card in tarot.

As the ‘lovers’ are naked, your relationship is all about open and honest communication.


This pair are both willing to be vulnerable and Gemini, being the sign of duality, often presents two faces so be aware of this.


Now when you, as an Aquarian, find a partner who is as thirsty for knowledge as yourself, you cannot resist him.


You will fall in love hard. Gemini is one of those signs. Their curiosity and intellectuality is a magnet for your sign.

Though Gemini has a restless energy, you can tame this whilst allowing your other half to still feel free.


Gemini’s complexity and many faces fascinate you in a way that other signs don’t.


You are attracted to a challenge and Gemini provides that and as a progressive and unconventional sign, you are willing to try anything once.



This is a crazy kind of love which can last a lifetime. You often find each other earlier in life, like at college.

This is another match of Aquarius Soulmate Sign

The 3rd card providing an ideal Aquarius love-match is Sagittarius, or in tarot, the Temperance Tarot card. 

‘Tempering’ is finding a perfect middle ground, and so why are you attracted to each other?  It is not only similarities here, but essentially the differences.


Both signs are non-judgmental and give one another space. As an eccentric, you need to be unflinchingly honest and express yourself freely in a relationship.


Together you make a successful match because you both characteristically yearn for adventures.


Spontaneity is really appreciated by you as well as seeking out new experiences.


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You also make excellent travel companions which is a big test in any relationship as there is trust so you happily give the other space.

Aquarius and Sagittarius do make a great match because they encourage one another to grow. You two are also one of the best combinations.


You both know how to keep the chemistry alive which age and maturity have taught you. Definitely a very good Aquarius Soulmate match.