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Welcome to the Pisces Tarot Reading. You are a wonderful zodiac sign and here you will receive a detailed and accurate interpretation of your card reading. 


I am Arthur de Angelis, aka Tarotprince.  I have interpreted this horoscope card in a modern way. I hope you like it. 


Under it please read with attention what the pisces reading has in store for you. I can already tell you this much: you will be pleased and also discover something new.

this is your pisces horoscope tarot for your beautiful zodiac


Relax for a few moments. Inhale calmly and enjoy the inner contemplation. You are safe and sheltered here. Don't be afraid, everything can be alright again. 


Stop worrying, things will get smoother and lighter in a moment.

Occasionally we feel doomed and isolated, but you are safe and protected. Expect to hear more about this in a moment.


As you succeed in struggling through the problems that come with the here and now, you will be abundantly compensated. Then your long-awaited yes will come! Already look forward to it. 


Many things in your life are disrupting your inward stability. A lot of ballast and emotional garbage has built up in your heart throughout the years. 

Your Pisces Tarot Reading has even more. Please read on

Realize this and clear up whatever is not serving you well. Reward yourself with time for yourself and with something that brings you joy. You are allowed to do that! This has nothing to do with egoism.


This is pure self-love. And that is good for you, says your Pisces Tarot.


As a guide and help, the sun of the heart is before you always. It will show you what it is all about. That which doesn't fit and that which makes you feel good. 

Know: The radiant sun is in your heart and in front of you. Is there anything that can happen to you? Consider its warmth and radiance. Absolutely no one has the right to play with your feelings. 


Absolutely nobody has the right to deliberately hurt you.

If you have a specific question around another person's behavior. The answer is yes, but it will take a while to get quite good. 


Therefore, some patience is still needed. 


Read on to learn more from your pisces tarot reading about your personal growth and how the situation can evolve.

You will be able to distinguish more clearly between yes and no and between now and later. 

This is a tarot card reading for the sign of pisces

This Pisces Horoscope Tarot reflects your traits

Don't get distracted. You have all the charisma within you. Do not depend on other people's sentiments. 


What is he doing right now, when will he get back to you? Leave those thoughts aside. 


If you're always looking at your phone, then you are not with yourself and you don't really sense yourself anymore. Stop waiting for any news from him or anyone else. 


Actually, don't wait to receive a yes or no from him. Grant your soul a short break from those pesky thoughts. You are wonderful and beautiful just the way you are.


Start sending out clear messages.

You are entitled to have your desires honored. 


Being conceited sometimes makes you arrogant. 

Continue to be tender and affectionate to yourself and others.


Keep yourself pure and strong to go through the problems of the here and now.

That solid ground you're standing on doesn't allow itself to be subdued. That applies in particular to love and relationships.


You have overcome so many hardships in your life, as well.

Remember what you have already attained in many matters. 


Every depression of the heart has brought you back to a peak of love. 

Any no has turned into a yes again if you want it. 


Once again, life and love are going for you richly. Be sure to keep your eyes open to the gifts of the God of love and open your hands.


Which shall I do? Am I supposed to wait or am I finally supposed to do something myself?

Now read what the card wants to tell you for your actions. Such clarity will dispel your gloomy doubts and concerns. The sun of love will shine for you again. 


It will help you to better evaluate your circumstances. And then you will better understand the answers to your yes-no questions.

This are the good messages brought to you by your Pisces Tarot Card Reading

Right now your situation seems to be like this: 


You need to wait for the night. Withstand the current no! 

But the shining morning will come soon. Then your heart will rejoice. 


The sun of the heart is your inner compass. To it you can always turn and seek help. However, be aware of life's little clues as well. In the coming days there may be special surprises in this regard. 


By then, the atmosphere will have changed and the obstacles on the horizon will have disappeared.

The No will have evaporated into thin air. This is a good message brought to you by your pisces horoscope tarot interpretation. 


So you do not have to do anything special. In fact, you don't have to please others and perform a part that you are not. You are pretty and amazing just the way you are. Time will work for you.


So be relaxed about the future. Refrain from too much stress and don't put pressure on other people. It is useless at the moment. Expect the favor of the hour.

In the meantime, be kind and gentle to yourself. Give yourself something nice and take good care of yourself. Maybe a hot bath, a nice trip or a meeting with a beloved person. 


Know and follow your Tarot Horoscope here. A new day comes after every night. With it new hope. Also for you. 


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