Our History - The Story of Tarotprince.com

Presented by: Dr. Arthur de Angelis

Update: Wednesday. July 26, 2023.


Our story started seven thrilling years ago, when Dr. Arthur de Angelis - a noted psychologist and Psychic Medium - started the venture under the pen name.


It was not only his enthusiasm for the Tarot, but also his psychological know-how that he used to create a new form of consultation and card reading art. With a modest start and a genuine enthusiasm for the Tarot, he went on to answer questions for free and post valuable content articles.


Throughout the intervening years, our online community has expanded and so have the team working closely with us behind the scenes. More on that here @About Us.


Today, we are truly privileged to have gathered a team of Tarot and Psychic Reading practitioners who all follow the common ethical standards, core values and consistently keep top priority on the highest quality of service. Nevertheless, Dr. de Angelis still represents the face of our venture - he is our skipper who navigates the vessel.


Today, our team of Tarot Experts and Psychics is inundated with questions and requests more than ever, both by email and on our social media channels. Our amazing community has expanded across international borders, and today we're excited to reach out and empower folks from all around the globe.


We are inspired by accomplishments and even keener about what is yet to come. Constantly following our Mission and Vision.


Our story is going to be one of growth, vision, passion, and a deep commitment to helping and assisting individuals on their life's voyage. Every one of the things we're called on to do is a fresh page in this amazing story - and we simply love to see where that coming next chapter might take us.

Successes or Milestones in our History

Indeed, our trip has led us to many exciting and enriching milestones. Within the seven years of our operation, we have grown a formidable online community and now number thousands of users worldwide among our loyal followers.


Our commitment and expertise have brought us extensive acceptance in the Tarot community, and we are honored to be an influential contributor to the field of psychologically sound Tarot readings.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

The stories of our users are a steady resource of inspiration.


From seeking answers to burning life questions to growing self-awareness and inner wisdom through our consultations, we've been blessed with innumerable stories from people who have seen their entire lives become better because of the insights they've learned through the Tarot.

Future Plans of our Team at Tarotprince

When it comes to the future, we are excited with great anticipation of the opportunities that await us.


We have plans to increase our social media presence to connect with even larger numbers of people and assist them in learning how to put the wisdom of the Tarot to good use for themselves.


And we are creating new features and offers to help our community of users have an even more profound and intimate personal relationship with the Tarot.

Invitation to Participate in our Community

In this effort, our team leader, Dr. Arthur de Angelis, is the centerpiece of our community. He contributes his vast psychological knowledge to each tarot reading, fostering an approach that is deep as well as engaging.


His passion for the Tarot and his belief in its inherent potential to assist people in exploring their own intrinsic spiritual wisdom are the motivating force powering all that we do.


We cordially welcome you to join us and be a part of our community.


No matter if you want to ask a question, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on our social media channels - we will be happy to assist you on your tarot journey.