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In a Soulmate Psychic Reading you can find out who is very closely connected to you. 


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Update September 19, 2023

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What is a Soulmate Psychic Reading?

Illustration explaining the concept of a soulmate psychic reading.

First, let's briefly define:


"Two people who are soulmates feel they are linked on a soul level in a significant or extraordinary way." And: "You might feel you have known each other in a past life or that your souls agreed before this life to meet up now." (Quote Soulmate Meaning)


"A psychic reading is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct." And: "There are many types of psychic readings practiced. Although psychic readings might not incorporate the use of any tools, a professional psychic may have one or more specialized areas of expertise." (Quote What is a Psychic Reading)


So, combine this to definitions and here we are:


  • A soul mate reading is a unique type of intuitive guidance attempting to provide insight into a person's romantic destiny.
  • With the help of various psychics and instruments, readers will explore the underlying energies around a person's love life and offer information about the soulmate's presence, attributes and eventual trajectories.

We also provide Free Soulmate Tarot Readings here.

What is a Soulmate Reading? Definition and core Aspects

symbols showing what a soulmate reading is

A soulmate reading can be characterized as an in-depth and concentrated sitting in which intuitive practitioners utilize their psychic abilities to connect with the energies, spirits, and universal signs that offer insights into a person's romantic life.


Among the most important aspects of soulmate readings are:

  • Detecting the presence of a soulmate: Establishing if a soulmate is currently in your life or if they are predestined to come into your life.
  • Comprehending the mental health role of the soulmate: some soulmates come to receive life lessons, while others bring permanent romantic connections.
  • Exposing potential blockages: Uncovering challenging issues or energies that may be preventing union with a soul mate.

What is the Difference? Soulmate vs. Twin Flame Readings.

illustration showing the contrast in colors to make a clear distinction between soulmate and twin-flame

While both soul mate and twin flame readings focus on gaining insight into one's love life, they address separate aspects of romantic relationships.


Soulmate Reading:

Soulmates are quite commonly thought of as people with whom we have a deep, natural affinity. This can be in the form of a friendship, a romantic relationship or even a mentor-mentee bond.


A soul mate reading is mainly about trying to understand these connections and what they mean for our life voyage.


Twin Flame Reading:

A twin flame is considered to be the other half of your soul and is a mirror image of yourself.

This reading focuses on the intense and often turbulent relationship with your own twin flame.


The connection is said to be so strong that it can lead to immense growth, but also challenges.


See also the useful information on Angel Numbers and Twin Flame Reunion.


And a step by step guide on What is a Twin Flame Reunion and how to speed it up and make it happen faster. 

How Soulmate Psychics tap into the energy: Tarot Cards, Pendulum, Spirit Guides, Energy Reading

Soulmate Psychics utilise a variety of ways and tools to link up with your soulmate's energies:


  • Love Tarot cards: Are often used to depict scenarios and timelines related to your romantic journey.
  • Clairvoyance: With the help of their intuitive vision, psychics can receive images or scenarios that relate to your soulmate.
  • Energy Readings: By simply tapping into your aura or the energetic field around you, they can sense the vibrations of those who are connected to you.
  • Spirit Guides: Some soulmate psychics consult with spirit guides to get messages about their own love life.
  • Pendulum Readings: Needed to answer yes/no queries or to gauge the direction of energy in respect of romantic prospects.


By utilising these techniques, psychics can give precious insights that enable individuals to more fully grasp their romantic path and the presence or future occurrence of their soulmate.

Why get a Soulmate Reading?

Person deeply contemplating their love life's journey representing the reason to get a soulmate reading

The journey of love is tricky, full of joyful moments, sad moments, clarity moments and bewilderment moments.


At different stages of life, you may find yourself at a crossing point, searching for ideas and solutions to the issue of your romantic path forward.


This is where a soulmate reading can be a beacon of insight. But why do people go for such readings?


Want to find clarity in love?

The tumultuous waters of love are not invariably easy to sail through. Questions like "Is he/she the one for me?" or "Are we meant for each other?" often plague us. A soulmate reading can:


Emphasise characteristics of the soulmate: By gaining an understanding of the characteristics and energies of a prospective soulmate, one can be more prepared to recognise them when our paths cross.


Offer glimpses into relationship dynamics: Every partnership has its ups and downs. Psychics can offer a more clear outlook on the underlying energies that influence a romantic connection.


Validate intuitive feelings: Occasionally, you may have an innate feeling for someone but need validation. Psychics can confirm these intuitive feelings or offer alternative points of view about them.


Understanding timing and life paths.

The universe works on its own time schedule. Comprehending this can provide comfort in times of romantic uncertainty.


Divine timing: Soulmate Psychics can provide guidance on when significant romantic events might occur. They help you realise that there is a time for everything.


Life paths cross: It is fascinating to understand how two people from different walks of life can find each other. Psychics can shed light on the coincidences and karmic factors involved.


Guidance for action: Not only is timing important to grasp, but also discerning the right time to act. Psychics can give advice on when it is best to take a step forward, wait or take even a step or two back.

How to mend past relationships and making preparations for future engagements with the insights of a Soulmate Psychic Reading

Past relationships, specifically those that resulted in heartbreak or confusion, can leave permanent emotional scars. A soulmate reading can be of assistance in this regard:


Recognise past patterns: identifying and beginning to understand reoccurring patterns can be the first step to breaking them.


Suggestions for spiritual healing: psychics can suggest spiritual and pragmatic advice to heal past traumas and ensure they do not become blockages to future engagements.


Preparing the heart and soul: By better identifying oneself and healing past scars, one is more capable of actually welcoming a soulmate into one's life.


The quest for a soulmate is much deeper than mere prying. It is a matter of self-knowledge, healing and clearing the road for a love that resonates with your soul. The insights you gain can be invaluable on your romantic journey.

How to Prepare for a Soulmate Psychic Reading

photo showing dart arrows as symbols for clear intentions

If you are going to enter the area of clairvoyance, in particular when it comes to something as personal and deeply meaningful as soul mates, you need to get yourself prepared.


This is not only about physical preparation, but also about preparing yourself mentally, on an emotional level and spiritually.


Good readiness ensures that you are receptive, responsive and in the right frame of mind to welcome the insights that come your way.

Questions to ask yourself before the Soulmate Session with Psychic Arthur de Angelis

Before you commit to a soul mate reading, it is crucial that you do some introspection and compare yourself with your own emotions and wishes. Here are some key questions you should ask yourself:


What do I want from this reading? Clarity? Confirmation? Insights into the future?


Here is a comprehensive List of Soulmate Questions for Readings (Tarot and Psychic)


Am I open to receiving signals, even if they don't align with my expectations? It is good to be open to the news from the Universe, even if it is not what I expected.


Do I have any preconceived ideas or prejudices? Dropping these at the door can make your session more productive.


How will I utilise the insights gained in the reading session? A post reading action plan can help you incorporate the insights into your life.


Setting intentions and clearing energy

Setting your intention for a session can greatly influence the outcome:


Be clear: say precisely what you expect to learn. Instead of a general "tell me about my love life" you may want to concentrate on "show me the lessons I need to learn on my romantic journey".


Clear your energy: Simple earthing practices or meditations can help. This can be as simple as deep breathing, visualising a white light surrounding you, or holding onto a earthing stone like black tourmaline.


Provide a sacred space: If the session takes place in your private space (e.g. during a phone call), find a peaceful, calm place where you won't be disturbed.


How to choose the best Soulmate Psychic for your optimal insights

image showing cards and crystal balls used by a soulmate psychic

In the same way that every person is different, so is every psychic. It's important that you find one that is right for you:


Do your research: Look for psychics who specialise in love or soul mate readings. Review their ratings, references, and career affiliations.


Trust your intuition: At times you may feel an appeal to a particular clairvoyant or psychic. Trust that instinct.


Ask for recommendations: Friends or family who have already been psychics may be able to give you suggestions.


Have a preliminary consultation: Many psychics allow a short consultation before a full session takes place. This way you can find out if you feel at ease with them.


Bear in mind that a soulmate session can be quite transformative. However, the realisations you gain are just as powerful as your preparation.


If you are open, grounded and centred on your own intentions, it will be a rewarding experience.

The interpretation of your soulmate reading: key symbols and meanings.

Array of tarot cards showcasing symbols linked to soulmates

Soulmate readings may be packed with deep symbols, numbers and messages to accompany you on your spiritual journey.


Understanding the depth of your reading involves familiarising yourself with the commonly used symbols and their interpretations.


Once you attune yourself to this, you will be able to unlock the universe's hints about your soulmate and your path together.

What are the common symbols in Soulmate Tarot and Psychic interpretations of a spread?

The Tarot is full of symbols, and certain cards that show up in a spread can indicate soulmates:


The Lovers: They stand for harmony, union and choices in love. It suggests a strong, soulful connection, possibly a soul mate.


The Two of Cups: This card frequently points to a deep connection, mutual understanding and a karmic link - markers of soul mates.


Four of Wands: It symbolizes celebration, homecoming and stability and refers to a joyful unification or a stage in a soulmate relationship.


Ten of Cups: Represents a card of emotional fulfilment, joy and family. It points to happiness and completeness in a soulmate relationship.


How to blend Numerology and Soulmate connections.

Numbers have resonant frequencies, and in the Numerology world it is widely accepted that certain numbers have to do with soul connections:


Number 11: It is often called the 'master number' and signifies intuition, spiritual insight and enlightenment. If you see this number often, it may indicate that a soulmate is nearby.


Number 22: This master number symbolises the dreamer. When it appears, it can imply that your dreams of your soulmate are happening.


Life Path Numbers: By figuring out the life path numbers of you and your partner, you can discover if you are soul mates or twin flames.


By combining this means you could also start doing a reading by yourself.

See our guide on How to do a Soulmate Tarot Reading.

What to do about the insights in the future? Comprehending messages from the universe about your soulmate

Sometimes the universe communicates with you in manners that go beyond cards and numbers:


Synchronicities: repetitive patterns, such as a person's name appearing everywhere or the same symbols, may be a sign.


Dreams: vivid dreams about a person, in particular recurring ones, can indicate a strong soul connection.


Physical sensations: If you feel a sudden warmth, tingling or even a pull towards a specific place, it can be a sign that the cosmos is nudging you in the direction of your soulmate.


Animal messengers: Animals, specially those you don't normally see, can carry messages to you about your soul mate journey. For instance, if you see twin swans, this can be an indication of an imminent harmonious union.


When reading your soul mate interpretation, you need to be aware that your intuition plays an important role. Symbols and signs can guide you, but what is really significant is the resonance you feel in your heart.

Real-Life Experiences: Tales of Soulmate Psychic Shenanigans

a book and a rose representing storytelling of couples brought together by psychic readings.

In case you thought psychics were all incense sticks, crystal balls and mysterious chants, then you'd be wise to hold on to your teacups, because there's a whole lot of tea being spilled in these stories!


From heart-warming tales of love at first sight (or better said at first sight) to comically mistaken signs and symbols, the world of soulmate psychics is packed with surprises. Let's dive in!


Cases where what you read manifested in reality.

The "twin penguin" prophecy: The moment Becky was said that she would eventually meet her soulmate in a location with "twin penguins", she almost dropped her latte. Low and behold, a year later she met her future fiancé at the Twin Penguins ice cream parlour. Fluke? You choose.


The tarot card jam: Sam's tarot reading had a returning "Chariot" card. Instead of a real chariot ('cause who rides in them these days?), he was stuck in traffic next to a lovely lady with a bumper sticker that said, "Follow me to Tarot Tuesdays!" Spoiler: they are now inseparable.


Lessons from misinterpretations of readings insights

The "lion roar" debacle: Stella was told that her soulmate would have a "lion roar". She ended up spending years shunning anyone who didn't have a mane or a roar. It eventually turned out that her soulmate was a lion and had a little lion tattoo behind his ear! So, always keep in mind: not all lions roar loudly!


The mysterious blue shoe: After a psychic mentioned "a blue shoe", Jake waited and waited for someone with blue shoes. Unbeknownst to him, his future wife would pour blue paint on his favourite sneakers during art class!


The emotional rollercoaster of Soulmate Readings and what not to do after you have a major revelations

The case of the overexcited heartbeat: When Maria was told that her heart would "skip a beat" when encountering her soulmate, she kept checking her pulse. After a few false alarms and multiple visits to the cardiologist, she met Rob at a dance class. Now they tango all through the night, and their hearts are totally in sync!


The unanticipated bouncer: Alex, a badass biker, didn't expect to burst into tears when a psychic described to him the traits of his soulmate. Turns out even macho men have a soft side, particularly when it comes to cosmic connections!


Discovering your soulmate isn't getting easy, but these amazing stories are a reminder that there are plenty of mind-bending twists and turns. So next time you're a psychic, get prepared for some cosmic comedy!

How to choose a Reputable Soulmate Psychic Reader

Psychic offering guidance with a glowing crystal ball

Nowadays, in the fast-paced digital age, looking for spiritual advice, especially regarding romance and soulmates, is now more accessible than ever.


With numerous platforms and self-proclaimed psychics, just how can one distinguish between genuine guidance and potential scams?

How to pick the best and skip the rest. Red flags to avoid with Soulmate Psychic Services.

Fraud alert and fraudulent psychics: there are repeated stories of people paying large payments to psychics for nothing in return.


There are some warning signs that can help to identify such scam artists. Frequent requests for additional cash, vague forecasts and scare tactics are the main culprits.


Also, be wary of psychics who promise to remove curses - for a fee, of course.

Which are recommended platforms and reputable Soulmate Psychics?

The trustworthy and true: Not all is dark and ominous.


Trustworthy platforms such as Mental Connection, Soulmate Searchers and Heavenly Insights have all received positive reviews and have rigorous vetting procedures for psychics.


Reputable soulmate psychics such as Arthur de Angelis and Orion Stellfield are also noteworthy, as they have decades of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

How to check and confirm the credibility of your Soulmate Psychic

Outside the crystal ball: a real soulmate psychic or clairvoyant has a background - reviews, testimonials and possibly even known published works or appearances.


It can be very revealing to check a psychic's digital footprint, look for professional affiliations and ask for endorsements. Remember that word of mouth, particularly in the spiritual community, is worth its weight in gold.

Conclusion: Embark on the journey to discover your soul partner

Visually capturing the mystique and allure of soulmate readings

Finding your soul mate is a transformative odyssey that frequently involves introspection and spiritual enlightenment. Although intimate and mysterious, this journey sheds light on the intricate web of personal relationships.


Although psychic realisations serve as beacons pointing seekers to their destiny, it is imperative to follow this path with genuine intention and keen discernment.


The vast expanse of the universe operates on principles beyond the understanding of mortals. Its arcane workings constantly spin tales of destiny and desire.


Your quest to find the one soul that matches yours is a journey of discovery full of signs, symbols and synchronicities. To decipher them, you need both the intimacy of your heart and the attention of your mind.


Finding your soulmate is not just about reaching a destination, but also about cherishing the countless experiences and learnings you make along the way.


Every twist and turn, every meeting and introspection adds more layers to your story. Each stage endows you with wisdom and prepares you for the moment when your souls intersect.


So as you sail along through this heavenly dance of destiny and free will, remember to enlist the help of reputable psychics, but also to trust your inner compass. After all, looking for a soulmate is a sacred dance of the visible and the invisible.


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There is something incomprehensible that you feel is going on. You follow it up and want to find out more about it. You do that very well. 


A soulmate psychic reading is always a good choice.