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Your accurate and Free Tarot Reading online.


The Cards in this spread provide quick answers to your specific burning questions about the present and future of love, relationship, money, fate and every other thing you can think about.


Hi, my name is Arthur de Angelis.

I am your very experienced free online Tarot Reader. 


You are a wonderful woman.

Your heart will feel deep joy again.

Explore the best predictions of your Tarot Spread for you!

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You are a wonderful woman. The tarot deck is your wisdom.

Nobody has the right to hurt you.

You deserve to be treated like a Queen of hearts!

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You'll get answers to your burning questions.


What's your problem? What would you like to ask the Latin Tarot?

You're a wonderful woman and you deserve true love. Nobody has the right to hurt you.


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I look forward to your best free tarot reading online and accurate Info of the with you.


Of course you can also lay or draw the tarot cards yourself. The prince cards are waiting for you.

Follow happiness in love and finally be happy in your relationship.

Learn more about yourself online with the cards. You will discover deep wisdom and direct answers and predictions, no matter what the situation is that's bothering you.


Maybe you've been suffering from relationship too long. 


About the Tarot Prince

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My name is Arthur de Angelis. I am a Germany-based tarot reader and psychic.


I have come to learn from famous spiritual teachers and clairvoyants.

In my work for you I combine divine knowledge and my skills as a university trained Doctor of Psychology.


You can get my free readings on this website. Please feel free to draw as many cards as you want.

I am sending you my blessings and may all your wishes come true.

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Or is your heart longing for more attention from the one you secretly love? Take the opportunity "to simply 'get a snapshot' of how things are with you generally, at this moment in time. It can also be used to answer specific questions." And there is something else important to know. "Don't be fooled by the brevity and simplicity of the responses" of the free tarot reading.

Are you too shy to tell him you love him? Maybe you aren’t sure about how to read his signals or if he is just trying to be nice to you? 


Such uncertainties can be clarified with the help of free tarot. Your self-confidence will increase and you will become the wonderful woman you really are and have always wanted to be.

What problems are driving you totally crazy? No matter what relationship problem or heartache you have, we are here for you. is available for you.


Curious about your own accurate interpretation? Then use the offer of a tarot card reading and also psychological tips on how to be successful in love and relationships. You are never alone with the cards and the wisdom of your destiny. 


Free Tarot Reading

Do I have to Take a Free Tarot Spread Seriously?

Do not play around with this energy.


Often there are prejudices and rumors, even fear of the latin cards and major and small arcana. No one needs to panic just because they have drawn or been dealt a card that does not bode well. Mostly such cards serve only as an inspiration and impulse to think about his/her life.


Nothing bad ever has to happen when a tarot reading seem to show something sinister or negativer. So don't be afraid of your future and approach the matter in a relaxed way!

So relax and don't let warnings and blind prejudice intimidate you against trusting in this ancient wisdom.


On the contrary, any serious expert’s advice should encourage and make you think. The focus is always only on the journey towards beauty and inner peace.

Maybe you feel lonely and left all alone with your problems. You will find new courage soon.


free Tarot Reading

Don't despair, for your fate will be rich and  beautiful. You are a wonderful woman and soon you will feel the reawakening of love. 


Don't search fruitlessly any further in the dark and use our psychic readings for free.


Follow the hearts online with the tarot. Get more certainty about your destiny and disperse with dark thoughts.


I wish you light, love and inspiration with my free tarot reading.


Yours: Arthur de Angelis.