What Does He Feel for Me Tarot?

What are his feelings for me? Tarot Reading about his true emotions

This free Reading on "What does he fell for me" is brought to you


by Tarot Psychic Arthur de Angelis.

Update: October 31, 2023


This feelings and emotions Tarot Spread wants to reveal romantic intentions, a better understanding and emotional clarity for you.


It also wants to find clues about how significant you might be in its life and what his thoughts are.


This is a follow up of your Love Tarot Reading service.

Emotional clarity through Tarot has also a Disclaimer: This service is for entertainment only. Not a replacement for professional guidance. Not science based and no minors allowed.


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Understanding love and romantic feelings with this "What Does He Feel for Me Tarot Spread"

Your universe and the cards offer orientation and understanding into the mystery of emotions, but please be aware that they point to potential pathways, not absolutes.


Let's begin the exploration to learn about the emotions and energies that may encompass your question.

So, what are his true feelings for me? Is it love?


I have drawn the following 4 tarot cards for you. In a 4-card reading, I will now give you an interpretation through the Tarot cards to your question "What does he feel for me". 


Card 1: The Empress

The Empress usually stands for care, abundance and growth.


While it may not reveal precise emotions, it could hint at a sense of admiration or appreciation for the caring and giving qualities someone sees in you.

Think of this as an underlying energy of warmth and nurturance that embraces your relationship.


In essence, you might symbolize a source of abundance and love for him.

What Does He really Feel about me? Tarot Reading gives hints about His true emotions

The Tarot Cards for Love are revealing a lot about the possible emotions.


Card 2: Two of Cups


The Two of Cups is a card of bonding and mutual acceptance. Although it does not speak directly about "romantic feelings", it suggests a deep commitment or mutual respect that exists between two persons.


This suggests a relationship that goes deeper than the surface, where both parties have a mutual understanding and resonate with each other.


In a feelings and emotion Tarot Spread some indications of energetic qualities are revealed.

In essence, this reading may point to the following:


You're not just another person in his life; you're someone he connects with on a deeper level.

What Does He Feel for Me? The following 2 Tarot Cards looks even deeper into his emotions and your significance for him

Card 3: Seven of Wands


When the Seven of Wands turns up, it frequently refers to facing challenges or advocating for convictions.

In the emotional context, it symbolises that someone might see you as a strong-willed character or as a person they can lean on in challenging times.


This is perhaps not exactly about romantic feelings, but rather that they respect your strength and resilience.


Your significance might be in how you inspire him to face challenges or how he feels supported and encouraged by your spirit and determination.

Card 4: The Star


The star card is a representation of hope, encouragement and guidance. It could mean that someone sees you as a shining light or inspiring them.


It could refer to sentiments of upbeat optimism and hope when they think of you or your presence in their life.


Be mindful that these cards point to possible levels of energy and feelings, but not absolutes.


Feelings are quite complex and whereas the Tarot can be a guide, it is also necessary to experience and understand the feelings directly from the source.

He might see you as a beacon of optimism, suggesting that your role is vital in guiding or uplifting him during dark or uncertain times.


In summary, your significance in his life seems to be multifaceted.


You appear to be a source of emotional support, understanding, inspiration, and strength. It's clear that he values your presence in his life in multiple profound ways, even if he hasn't explicitly stated so.

Your Personal Reading by Psychic Arthur de Angelis: What does he feel for me and our relationship?

Reading 1: "I'm currently in a relationship and I'm wondering if he is still feeling for me. Does he still harbor these deep sentiments for me?"


Pulled card, especially for you and for all who have the same concern: "The Whisper of the Heart" from the Babylonian Psychic Deck.


Tarot interpretation, attuned to relationship that has been going on for a long time.


The card "Whisper of the Heart" holds a significant sentiment. In this online tarot interpretation, it appears that your relationship is wrapped in sublime nuances, perhaps unexpressed feelings.


One thing this particular card may be indicating is that the underlying feelings are very prevalent, but perhaps shared in a quieter, more subtle way.


Sentiments are not necessarily always screamed from the rooftops, sometimes they reveal themselves in quiet gestures, shared moments, and the gentle touch of hands.


If you have any doubt about the depth of his feelings, this card invites you to listen to the soft whispers, the unvoiced words. They may open up to you the profundity of the feelings about which you seek clarity.


Remember, "True love is often not loud, but a quiet melody that only two hearts can hear."


Your journey is about tuning in and trusting what your heart is feeling, even if words sometimes fall short.

Tarot insights for relationships could can point to his true love feelings.

What can the Tarot reveal about his true emotions and feelings? What does he feel for me?

Frequently seen as a mirror of the soul, the tarot can expose the complex world of emotions.


It can unveil deep-seated sentiments that have been affected by previous personal experiences, or even emotions of which he may be quite unaware.


By reading the cards, you can catch a glimpse of his present emotional environment and even potential changes in the coming times.


The Tarot can also uncover outer factors that are impacting his feelings and assist you in handling these emotional revelations. However, always remember that tarot readings are about interpretation and guidance, not fixed outcomes.

How do different Tarot Cards interpret various emotional states?

Different Tarot cards symbolise various emotional states.


The suit of Cups, for instance, deals mainly with emotions; the Ace of Cups denotes fresh starts emotionally, while the Ten of Cups represents emotional fulfilment.


The Swords, on the other hand, often relate to mental states; the Three of Swords could mean heartsickness or frustration.


The Strength card represents mastery of feelings, and the Moon may allude to hidden emotions or trickery.


The Fool signifies new beginnings and free spirits, while the Tower can stand for sudden emotional upheavals.


Each card offers subtle insights into one's own emotional world through its symbolism and imagery.

What are the most Common Tarot Cards for Love Feelings and Their Interpretations?

the Lovers:


This card shows the harmony and unity of two souls meeting, symbolizing deep emotional connections and choices in love.



The Two of Cups:


It represents mutual infatuation and emotional connection and is often associated with the beginning stages of a relationship, indicating budding feelings and shared affection.



Ace of Cups: A card full of emotion and new beginnings, suggesting the potential for a fresh start or a new emotional journey.


Ten of Cups: This card points to emotional realization and happiness in a couple's relationship, and speaks of a matured love that has blossomed into mutual respect and shared joy.


Understanding emotions through the Tarot, especially through these symbolic cards, gives us a clearer overall picture of the feelings that go up and down in our love life.


Whether you are in a passionate romance or need clarity about a budding relationship, the Tarot provides comprehensive information to help us move forward in matters of the heart with confidence and clarity.

Deepening Your Connection with Tarot: Understanding His  Emotions and Your Relationship

In today's hectic world, the Tarot offers a timelessness that explains the complexities of our emotions.


Through its vivid symbols and profound imagery, we gain a greater level of understanding of our relationships, leading to more genuine connections and enlightened partnerships.

Why is a Tarot Reading for Emotions and Feelings is Crucial in Relationships?

A tarot reading for emotional matters not only provides precious insights for love, but also serves as a guide that illuminates the path of our heart.


With each tarot reading for a relationship of two, we are given a glimpse into the deepest recesses of our emotions, helping us to decipher the silent call of our feeling and ensure that our connection remains strong, authentic and filled with mutual understanding.

Why is it beneficial to know his feelings and emotionas through the insights of a Tarot Reading?

Trying to understand one's feelings through a tarot reading can have several benefits. Firstly, it brings clarity and illuminates complex emotions that may be awkward to verbalise.


This more profound insight can result in greater empathy and mutual understanding in a partnership.


Second, the cards can point out undergirding patterns or problems that may potentially result in more sensible conversations or solutions.


Furthermore, tarot readings often offer a sense of affirmation, validation or calming and help individuals navigate the tricky maze of emotions.


Finally, engaging with one's feelings through the Tarot can be a tool for introspection, personal growth and fostering a deeper bond in a relationship.

When is the best time to seek a Tarot Reading about his feelings?

Whenever you are gripped by a deep fascination or inner urge, the Universe may signal the perfect moment for a Tarot reading about someone's feelings.


In the jungle of relationships, when clarity is obscured by unspoken feelings or when crucial decisions are on the horizon, the Tarot is often an extremely valuable tool.


For example if you are unsure about his true intentions. Maybe you are asking yourself, if he is interested in another woman - the Tarot could provide some hints.


It's especially important when you want to pierce the veils of ambiguity and reveal feelings that remain just below the surface, unspoken.


When you want to look inside yourself and long to explore the depths of your own heart, especially in comparison to someone else's, the Tarot serves as a beacon to guide you into the corridors of your feelings and longings.


In fact, for me, the perfect time for a tarot reading about one's feelings is as unique as one's own journey. However, always trust your inner wisdom. It is this instinctive ability that will always lead you to the revelations and insights you so eagerly seek.

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What are His Feelings for Me? Conclusion on what Tarot can reveal and what it can´t

Revealing love and romantic intentions with Tarot is a means of more emotional clarity. 


The Tarot reading "How does he feel about me?" is a powerful tool that uncovers a situation's hidden emotions and feelings towards you. 


Whilst the Tarot might offer guidance, remember that free will always plays a role in how a relationship evolves.


Still, this reading is a wonderful way to gather perspective, discover latent truths and navigate your relationships with greater clarity and confidence.