Looking into the Tarot Cards: Is he interested in someone else?

Arrows representing a tarot reading on if he is interested in another women

This Tarot Reading about "Is he interested in someone else" is part of our Betrayal and Infidelity Tarot Spread Service.


By Arthur de Angelis.

For Entertainment only. 

Hello, dear soul! I sense that you are asking yourself this question: Is he interested in someone else? It's not easy, I understand you. Let's see what's going on with a free tarot reading.

What secrets does the card 'The Moon' hide? Is he interested in someone else? Is he thinking about someone else when he is with me?

The Moon often shows hidden feelings. Perhaps it is holding something back? What is he hiding? Do you think it could be another person?


Remember, misunderstandings happen. A free tarot reading about what he is hiding from you can shed light.

What does the Tarot Card 'Two of Cups' say about his bonds? Is he interested in another woman?

Card interpretation about his interest in others.


"The Two of Cups represents connections. Do you think there is a connection with you or someone else?


The card itself shows that there may be thoughts and energies that can indicate an interest. A free tarot reading can give you more insight into whether the interest is in you or someone else. 


A clarifying conversation can also shed light on this.

Are there secrets with the Tarot card 'Seven of Swords'? Who is he really interested in?

Card Interpretation:

"The Seven of Swords often indicates secrecy. What do you think, is he hiding something from you? It could also be a surprise for you. 


Another free tarot reading can bring clarity. Look deep into the energies of your feelings. Could it be that any secrecy points to a very nice surprise for you? Perhaps he is preparing something to please you?

What is the benevolent message from this Tarot Reading? Is he really interested in someone else?

I know it's hard to be in the dark. But always remember that your worth doesn't depend on whether someone shows interest or not.


Talk to him and maybe check out another free tarot reading. You deserve clarity and peace.


Is he really interested in someone else?


This spread gives clues. It's worth taking a closer look. Clarity comes when you do what your heart shows you.