Harnessing the Power of Three: Archangels Chamuel, Raziel, and Michael in Retrieving What's Lost: A Step by Step Guide to contact them and ask for help immediately

Prayers to Archangels to find lost things

Have you lost something and want to find it again?


Here you will learn how to connect with the archangels to get their help in recovering lost items. Learn what prayers and words to say, where and how to say them. 


Let's investigate the various powers of Chamuel, Raziel, and Michael and discover how to effectively invoke their celestial assistance.


By Psychic Arthur de Angelis

Update Aug 19. 2023

This is a follow up of our Service: Psychic to find lost items.

For entertainment only.

Understanding the Archangels and their help for recovering missing objects: Who are they?

Introducing you to 3 important and powerful archangels.

They can be your companions, protectors and heavenly friends in many matters.


Of course, you can ask them for help if you have misplaced or lost something. 

Who is Archangel Chamuel: The visionary and seeker.

Chamuel, otherwise known as the Angel of Peaceful Relationships, has a vision that goes above and beyond interpersonal relationships.


His far-reaching sight can transcend earthly realms, making him a powerful ally in the search for lost or hidden items.

Who is Archangel Raziel: The Guardian of the Divine Mysteries

Raziel is worshiped as the keeper of the mysteries of the universe.


His deep wisdom about concealed realms and esoteric truths renders him an important helper in exposing that which remains unseen.

Who is Archangel Michael: The Protector and Guide

Michael is quite commonly portrayed with a sword and is a strong guardian and protector.


When we call upon him, he can not only guide us to lost items, but also through spiritual obstacles or hazards that may arise in our search.

How to prepare the process properly step by step: Preparations for the angel call

  • In order for the call to work and for the archangel to listen to you, it takes a little bit of attention and time from you. 

Clean your environment

Use sage, palo santo or incense to cleanse your space.


These natural cleansers boost the vibrational frequency and pave the way for a stronger celestial connection.

Align intention of retrieval with heart focus.

Visualize the lost item and your intention to find it.

  • Ground yourself with deep, steady breaths and provide clarity in your invocation.

Build a sacred altar so that prayer to the archangel has a fixed place.

There is no need for this to be extravagant.


A small table or special space with white candles, crystals (such as selenite or clear quartz), and an image or symbol of the Archangel can improve your connection.

How to invocate and formulate prayers to the 3 Archangels for help in retrieving lost items.

Now you will learn what to say specifically and very precisely.


Some call it prayer, others say invocation to it. No matter what you call it, the point is to connect and express your request.


This is the best way to do it. 

Invocation of the Archangel Chamuel

Begin with deep breaths and say:

  • "Archangel Chamuel, seer of all, I seek your visionary light to guide me to [lost object]. Illuminate my path and bring [object] into clear sight."

Reach Archangel Raziel

Concentrate and say:

  • "Mighty Raziel, guardian of cosmic mysteries, reveal the hidden realms and mysteries surrounding my lost [object]. Lend me your profound wisdom to find and retrieve it.

Claim Archangel Michael's guidance in finding lost items.

Speak with a heart full of confidence:

  • "Archangel Michael, protector of all, I ask for your guiding light and protection as I search for [lost item]. Protect me from distractions and guide my steps to recover the item.

What to do after the Invocation: cultivate the divine connection and dwell in anticipation of the help received from the Archangels: This makes it easier to find lost items

Don't let the connection with the powerful angels break. This is not only due to reverence but also a human trait for which you will be richly rewarded. 

  • Show gratitude
  • Regardless of the instant results, express your gratitude for the archangels' intervention and support from the bottom of your heart.
  • Reflect and document
  • Jot down any insights, dreams, or nudges you receive after the invocation. These could be divine messages that bring you closer to your lost object.

What results can you really expect from the archangels in finding lost items?

When you start searching for lost items with Archangels Chamuel, Raziel and Michael, it's actually more than simply finding them again, it's also about having a true experience of a deep spiritual connection.


The rituals, preparations, and prayers not only enhance your chances of finding what you've lost, but also deepen your spiritual path, reminding you that in moments of loss or confusion, divine guidance is just an invocation away.


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