Soulmate Tarot Spread

Welcome to your Soulmate Tarot Spread.


To make it more accurate we did it for each zodiac sign separately.

Follow your sign or his sign here below.  

Soulmate Spread Tarot Cards


Who is a soulmate for you if you are:

You deserve love.

You can be happy again.

Feel loved and accepted. You are a divine being. 

Here is Your accurate Soulmate Tarot Spread

There is something about love which is transcendental and it leaves its own cosmic fingerprint for us to find. 


Now if you know anything about cartomancy, you will know that your sun, moon, and rising signs can be embellished with a tarot spread on your mate on soul level.

So, these two practices are very much aligned - both symbolically and thematically. 

In fact, every tarot card actually corresponds to a different elemental combination, sign or planet in the art of the zodiac.


And, yes, within the Major Arcana, there actually exists a tarot card for each star sign. 

Just as there are four elements in astrology, guess what?


There are also four suits in tarot —plus, they all correspond with one another.


Hence the Wands in tarot are Fire in the astrological system, and so Cups are considered Water Energy, the Pentacles represent the Earth, and last but not least, the Swords are identified as Air.


Our seers, readers and skilled practitioners try to conglomerate tarot and astrology to enhance their knowledge of what the cards can tell you about your love-compatibility. 

A Tarot Soulmate Spread reveals secrets

This way you will get so much more out of your triple card tarot spread.  So each discipline can boost the other and divination is the correlation between these esoteric and mutually respected systems.


Who doesn’t want to gain insight into your life, your soul and ultimately into your future?


So the trackable phenomenon of the moving planets combined with tarot’s randomly shuffled cards drawn by chance somehow reveal a deep symbiosis and are trustworthy tools for self-reflection.


For Soulmate Tarot’s reliance on archetypes and allegory are woven to create a picture of your love choices with their pros and cons, offering you precious guidance. Is anything harder than choosing who you want to spend your life with?


This impacts not only you but every member of your family for no man or woman is an island. 

An online Soul Mate Tarot Spread reveals accurate energetic patterns

Tarot uses powerful, emblematic cards to show you the possible directions your heart-choice poses, whilst astrology utilizes the planets and the star signs to reveal three potentially compatible lovers waiting out there for you.


Via astrology, you will gain profound insight into your personality and your innate strengths. Transits inform you of the ebb and flow which affect your choices.


Now, tarot adds the specific details. This is a great combination. So while astrology is the structure, tarot, it can be said, adds the finer details.


Reading both together will enrich your knowledge of who is out there for you. He may be someone you already know but have been overlooking.


He may be searching for you just as avidly as you are searching for him and our soulmate tarot spread will help you recognize your lost love. Be proactive in your quest for finding Mr Right and you will surely be rewarded.