Best Soulmate Questions for Tarot Card Readings. List and Examples explained

So you want to know the beste Soulmate Questions to ask in a Tarot Reading? Well, here is your sample list brought to you by Arthur de Angelis.


Love or relationship-themed readings are the most powerful in tarot.


Asking pertinent and good soulmate tarot questions though is a difficult task for some.


One thing is certain, it is nigh on impossible to think of good questions on-the-spot because in the moment we need to focus all our energy.

best questions about soulmate to ask in a tarot card reading

So here is your list of sample soulmate questions for tarot when targeting love and relationship

The following list could be used for preparing your Soulmate Psychic Reading.

Here are some sample questions to ask in an accurate soulmate tarot spread:

  • What should I do differently in order to meet Mr Right?
  • How to attract my Soulmate?
  • How can I develop my relationship in a more positive direction? 
  • How can I move forward following a break-up/divorce? 
  • What lies in store for me if I return to my ex-partner? 
  • Where is my relationship heading and does it have a future?
  • How should I handle my partner’s… (add in any specific problem here)? 
  • What can I do to make my ex want me again?
  • How do I overlook my lover’s irritating habits?
  • What should I do to improve my marriage after suffering from grief?
  • How can I cease repeating old mistakes over and over again in my relationship? 
  • What must I avoid in my next relationship? 
  • What is the best kind of life-partner for me at this point in my life?
  • What does the future hold for me and my lover?
  • How do I maximize my charisma after a busy week working?
  • How do I know if the mutual chemistry/compatibility with my partner will last?
  • In what ways does my lover need my support having lost his job?
  • What areas of improvement do I need to work on to maintain a happy, balanced relationship?
  • What things should I be aware of when beginning a new relationship?

You are born for love.

Ask and you will get answers.

Soulmate Tarot Questions like these will help you to get the best results in your quest for a fulfilling, lasting and loving relationship

Remember, to always approach your reading with hope, confidence and high energy!

Now rather than just giving you some random questions, first I want to show you how to form them yourself.


When thinking of what questions to ask, it is essential to formulate questions which are open-ended.


For example: Where and How am I going to meet my Soulmate?


The best method is by starting off with the x5 Ws: What, Where, Why, Which and hoW.


Beginning with these words will automatically form a question which is open- ended and therefore, the cards will provide a much more accurate and meaningful insight.


On the other hand, if you ask a ‘closed’ question, you may often only receive a monosyllabic response or insufficient information.


Thus, when asking open-ended questions, the response will be far broader and cover every aspect.


So this are the best soulmate questions for Tarot. If you want to know how to do a reading for yourself then come here. From there, you can move forward with a decisive attitude.