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This is your chance to have a better feeling about your love life.

Ask the yes no oracle for help when you are not set well yet. When your trust is abused, different feelings come together: Anger, sadness, despair, helplessness. You feel powerless and small when you realize that a person you have trusted has only used you.

Are you going through a difficult phase in your life because your partner is having an affair? 

You may have known it for some time, but you may also be here because you have only just found out. You are hurt and disappointed. Now you are looking for help and advice and of course you want to know what your future will look like. Will it remain a part of your life?

Love Oracle Cards Online Free

Will you ever be able to properly trust him again? Are all men the same? Are you full of anger and do you sometimes not recognize yourself anymore? Your feelings are justified and it is okay that you feel these emotions.


The good news from the yes no Yes No Oracle with tarot for you is that you don't have to go through this alone. Let us help you today and read something about your destiny. You are strong and valuable, but right now you may perceive it a little differently. You may grieve and it will strengthen you even more. 

Take a look into your future with the IOx Love Oracle. You will notice that you have great happiness at your side if you let yourself in and follow your heart.You are a unique person with feminine energy that makes you shine. At the moment your radiance is clouded by a mood that you no longer want to endure. You feel betrayed and especially vulnerable.


Probably you are also more sensitive to your surroundings at the moment. If you want to lead a regular everyday life again and long for the pain to go away, that is understandable.

"The Love Oracle answers your questions based on Cartomancy, the symbolism of playing cards."(Source IOx Love Oracle Tarot Cards online free) With 3 awesome readings about You and Him in relationship. But strictly for Women Only! Be curious now and get more of your fantastic predictions. Now Down Here.