Who is Taurus Soulmate?

Hello wonderful woman. Who is taurus soulmate? This question will be answered exactly here.


You will find out right away which Signs fit this star sign very well on the level of the soul.


By Arthur de Angelis.

For Entertainment only. 


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This is the ranking for the best 5 Signs that are best Soulmates for Taurus:

Astrology and tarot are two ancient crafts which overlap and inform each other.


For as there are four tarot suits, so we find the four elements in astrology: interestingly these both correspond. 

Now the tarot’s wands are fire, whereas the cups are water, the swords are air, and, lastly, the pentacles are earth energies.


Yet possibly the most important tarot/astrology intersection is knowing what tarot cards denote which zodiac signs. This can even help enlighten you of your life’s purpose.


So which star signs are you best suited to in life?

  • Well, Taureans are often coupled with Capricorns who always appreciate your unselfish nature. 

In fact, you are both known for your kindness. You need a compromising nature as you are prone to mood swings and can become very angry quickly.

  • Other compatible signs are Pisces, Cancer and Virgo.

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That is simple, your ultimate soulmate-sign is Scorpio.


Astrologically, despite exhibiting different traits, you share an intensely passionate bond.


So how do tarot cards help you comprehend more deeply about your other half?

Who is the Taurus Soulmate, for Women and Men? How can you recognize him/her? Let us draw off three cards.

Now card number one is The Hierophant which is your ruling card. 

tarot card exposing best soulmates for taurus women and men

This is also the fifth Major Arcana card and symbolizes your personality for it possesses similar core traits.


The Hierophant is erudite, even a tad pedantic, as are Taureans. Both share a love of the truth.

After all, the Hierophant is seen seated between two columns on a throne which in itself symbolizes law and order.


He also dons a triple crown and by his feet are the keys to Heaven. What does the Hierophant mean in terms of a relationship?


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He represents traditional values in love, such as commitment. Should you still be single, then this is a sign that someone in your inner circle is interested in dating you.


This will be somebody whom you consider as just a friend.

Which signs are also good Taurus Soul Mates?

The second card here is another Major Arcana card -Temperance - the fourteenth trump. 

This card is saying that you will need to show greater flexibility and balance.


You must stabilize your energy and this is especially important in a Scorpio bonding as you are both fixed signs meaning that you are hard-headed.


You both sulk when you don’t get what you want so you have to learn to appreciate each other’s ways and that you really can make it work if you don’t hold grudges.


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Wait, there is another good matching Taurus Soulmate Sign

The third and final tarot card to influence your love connection is the Queen of Pentacles. 

This is a great card to pull. She represents fun and is an outgoing person so perhaps you should look for this in someone.


Warning: there will be late-nights as this is a passionate affair.


This person will exude positivity, decisiveness and sweep you off your feet as you will both be seriously attracted to each other, however, remember your second card: so much passion has a need for balance.


This will be a high-energy love. 

The Queen of Pentacles symbolizes someone who is both accomplished and confident. A good fit for a Taurus Soulmate.