The Core Values of the Tarotprince (Dr. Arthur de Angelis & Team): Empowerment, Trust and more!

Welcome to, where the core values are upheld and we embrace the spirit of Tarot! From trust and empowerment to respect and authenticity, these values are our compass points in the realm of tarot.


Presented by Dr. Arthur de Angelis

Update Oct 5, 2023.


This is where we uncover how Tarot and Psychic Reading is designed to guide us in developing our intuition and creating our lives with awareness. "The cards are on the table," they say, and we give you the space to trust them and share their pearls of wisdom.


So tighten your seatbelt, prepare to smile, and let's work together to explore the core values that make a unique experience.

Core Value 1: Trust - The Basis for successful Tarot Readings

Confidence is of vital importance when it comes to Tarot. Users shall feel confident on our website and feel secure that they will be provided with accurate and trustworthy information by us.


Winning the trust of users is like picking the right card - at times it takes time and some patience. But once the trust has been established, it can act like a solid bedrock for valuable tarot experiences.


Proverb: "Trust is like a tender plant - it needs care and attention to grow strong." That's what we stand for here at

Core Value 2: Empowerment - The power to discover your own intuition. has yet another Core Value follow our ethical standards: empowering our users to explore their very own intuition and boosting their own inner knowing.


It's like that very moment when you uncover a tarot card and unexpectedly feel that you hold the answer already inside you.


This website and its history is meant to be like a compass that walks with you on your journey to self-empowerment. Users should be given the power to make their own personal choices and steer their individual lives in the desired direction.


Proverb: "The most valuable map is the one you carry in your own heart."

Core Value 3: Respect - An inclusivity and non-judgmental area.

On our website, being respectful is to be an utmost principle. Each and every user needs to feel accepted and respected, irrespective of their individual backgrounds and unique needs.


Such a website must be an open place, where all users are invited to come and visit, without any judgments or biases. Proverb: "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Core Value 4: Knowledge and education - The keys to deeper insight.

Our site is intended to offer a wealth of information and resources to help our users achieve a more profound level of understanding of the Tarot and card reading.


Featured articles, tutorials, blog posts, and even online courses can be such precious learning tools to broaden users' knowledge and sharpen their skills in tarot reading and psychic mediumship. Proverb: "Knowledge is like a spring from which you can draw forever."

Core Value 5: Empathy - A space for emotional growth and power.

In times of uncertainty and defiance, the could be a welcoming space where users will encounter support and empathy.


Offering emotional assistance and the option to calm down is something that has to be an integral part of this site. It can be like a shelter that assists users in understanding and managing their emotions.


Proverb: "Sometimes the greatest gift we can bestow is a listening ear and a sympathetic heart."

Core Value 6: Authenticity - Our Truth Underlying the Tarot

Our website fully respects the limits of the Tarot and never makes over-promises. It is intended to be truthful and honest, both in terms of the possibilities and the limitations of the Tarot.


Our website has the potential to guide users to reach their own conclusions and to trigger beneficial transformations in their lives. Proverb: "The most valuable cards are those that tell us the truth, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable."

Core Value 7: Why our Services are comprehensive only

It is often said in the context of spiritual counselling: "True wisdom seeks no reward". The offer of free readings stems from a deep commitment to social justice and the conviction that true counselling should be accessible to all.


Therefore, we also offer our service in the form of Free Psychic Readings online here. 


The integration of modernity with age old practices, where advertisements fund the transmission of wisdom, is testament to the need to apply traditions for the public benefit.


The transmission of these insights via email is an indication of convenience and reflects consideration for the recipient's time and space, while the content retains its depth and authenticity.


As the old aphorism says: "Generosity in wisdom is the way to universal enrichment.


To share this wealth of insight and life wisdom, we have launched our Free Online Tarot Reading Service. 

Our core values are like a star in the sky - we are guided by them

With maybe your and our fundamental core values - trust, empowerment, respect, knowledge and education, empathy and authenticity - is increasingly becoming a valuable resource for users seeking answers and asking a psychic, inspiration and guidance.