Our Mission and Vision

The following text about our vision and mission statement reflects our ethics and values.

Presented by: Dr. Arthur de Angelis.

Updated Wednesday. July 26, 2023.


No matter what problem or question someone comes to us with. The person and the benefit through our service is in the center.


We have deliberately formulated the mission and vision in a more entertaining way. Because reading and working with the tarot should also be fun.

The Center of our Mission and Vision is You

Welcome aboard our trip, which not just has a straightforward destination, but is our own personal navigational lighthouse, steering us across the unexplored sea of life.


It is our trusted companion compass that constantly holds us on track and allows us to concentrate on what is actually important. As skilled Tarot and Psychic sailors, we have taken it upon ourselves to help each person who steps aboard explore their inner treasure map and create an amazing, vibrant, fulfilling life.


We highly value the distinct individuality of each and every passenger, convinced that hidden inside each of us is a sparkling pearl of untapped promise. Our mission and vision is to guide you on the exhilarating quest for treasure, where you can unlock your buried talent and make your wildest dreams come true.


We raise our sails with a holistic, comprehensive philosophy of psychological advice and individual mentoring, incorporating classic psychological aspects along with energetic psychology and the latest in technological wavelets lapping at our shores.


We strictly follow our Ethics and Core Values to accomplish our Mission and Vision.


We strive to provide you with the anchor to push past your barriers and smooth the way for radical, lasting change.

Our Vision is our Mission

We are confident that, armed with the proper wind in our sails and the finest set of navigational skills, we can master life's occasionally stormy seas.


Our mission is steeped in respect, empathy and respect for the uniqueness of each person. In this mission, we all consider ourselves adventurous sailors in pursuit of happiness.


We @tarotprince.com look forward to helping you on your journey with the best tarot readings online and giving you some nautical tools to help you unlock your full potential.