Numerology to Find lost Items fast. A proven Step by Step Instruction that works immediately

Detailed numerology chart with numbers and symbols, used for locating lost items.

This article about How to use Numerology to find lost things and objects is written by Arthur de Angelis.

Update Aug 19, 2023

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In this comprehensive guide you will learn how to use the power of numbers to find lost things fast.

It is an follow up of our Service: Psychic to find lost items fast.

What is numerology and how can it help in the recovery of misplaced, secret or lost items?

In the ancient science of numerology, a firm correlation between numbers and events is used.


It is rooted in mathematics and mysticism and states that numbers are resonating with particular harmonics that can shape our own lives and the world around us.

What is the connection between numerology and lost objects?

Just as numbers influence personal characteristics and destiny, they can also be linked to events and circumstances, such as lost objects.


If you consider the numerological energies that were active when an item went missing, you may be able to find clues to its recovery. More about the connection here.

Deciphering numbers to find lost items

Now how can you find numbers specifically to get lost things back?


Here are a few very practical examples that are very specific to the situation at hand. 

Personal life path number and lost items

Your life path number, which is derived from your date of birth, can provide clues. For example, if you carry life path number 3 (which is associated with creativity and chaos), you may lose items during creative periods or in a chaotic environment.


Example: If you were born on March 25, 1990, calculate as follows:

2+5 (out of 25) = 7

March = 3

1+9+9+0 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1

Add them together: 7+3+1 = 11


In numerology, 11 is a principal number and should not be reduced further. So the life path number is 11.

Key numbers when the object was lost

Pay attention to the date when you think the item was misplaced. This number can help you in your search.


Example: If you lost an item on July 15:

1+5 (out of 15) = 6

July = 7 (the 7th month)

Current year, say 2023: 2+0+2+3 = 7

Added up: 6+7+7 = 20, 2+0 = 2


Here, the number 2, associated with duality and partner situations, might suggest that you lost the item during a meeting or with a partner.

Best practices for using numerology to find lost items.

What do you need to keep in mind to make it work? Here are a few proven tips from the field. 

  • Keep an open mind and be intuitive
  • Numbers offer a guide, not fixed answers. Interpret their meaning in the context of your personal situation and intuition.
  • Think about the energies in the environment.
  • Consider other influencing factors on the day the item was lost. Were there other numerological signs, astrological events, or other personal events?
  • Keep a numerology diary
  • Write down dates and numbers when you lose items. Over time, patterns may emerge that reveal your unique numerological connections to lost items.

Expand the numerological search: additional examples of how the numbers can lead you to lost items.

What other clues are there for practical application of numerological practice? Here are some very practical pointers that have proven to be very effective. 

Numerology of the name and lost objects

Each letter of your name has a corresponding number.


If you decipher the numerological value of your name, or even the name of the item (if it has one, like the name of your pet or a commodity with a name), you can gain additional insight.


Example: According to the Pythagorean system, the name "JOHN" would be:

J(1) + O(6) + H(8) + N(5) = 20, further reduced: 2+0 = 2.


If John lost an object, the frequency of the number 2 could indicate that he was in a double mindset, or perhaps in the company of someone else when the object disappeared.

House numbers and misplaced objects

The environment you are in, especially your home, plays an important role. If you are constantly losing items at home, your house number could be a clue.


For example, if your house number is 289:

2+8+9 = 19, further reduced: 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1


The number 1 is associated with new beginnings. Perhaps items are often misplaced at moments when something new is beginning, or when the occupant feels particularly independent or isolated.

Significant dates and their influence

In addition to the date of loss, other significant dates, such as anniversaries or birthdays during the time an item was lost, may also provide insight.


Example: If you misplaced an item just before your partner's birthday on April 6:

April = 4 (4th month) + 6 = 10, further reduced: 1+0 = 1.


The vibrational energy of the number 1 (new beginning) combined with the sentimental value of the date could mean that the item is hiding in a place you visited or entered for the first time only a short time ago.

Combine numerological clues: Paint the whole picture to find lost things and objects.

When you combine these various numerological clues, you can paint the whole picture of the conditions under which a particular item was lost.


This provides both a practical way to find the lost object and a profound spiritual journey that connects daily life to the intricate numerological web of the universe.


While numerology may not point the way to a lost object right away, it does provide deep insights into the energies and circumstances of the disappearance.


By understanding these, one can better tune into the rhythms of the universe, increasing the chances of retrieval.


In this quest, numerology evolves not only into a mystical art, but also into a practical tool for the challenges of everyday life.


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