Ads Policy: Our principles for advertising at Tarotprince

Update: Wednesday. July 26, 2023.


Our advertising policies are specifically designed to ensure a fair, respectful and law-abiding atmosphere for our advertisers and readers. This is the fundamental idea that guides any further execution in this text. 


We see advertising as a useful tool and a valuable source of information for our readership. We provide appropriate space on our web pages to present suitable offers to a broader, interested audience. 


In our role as an independent platform, we always strive to deliver top-notch content that is not influenced by our advertising partners.


The value of content to the readership is sacred to us. By working closely with Google and other affiliate partners, we only allow relevant advertising that complies with each country's guidelines and laws and is not subject to any of our exclusion criteria.


This enhances the quality of the interaction while promoting customer loyalty, for example by building trust and enabling more personalized communication.

Our Core Values govern our Advertising Policies

  • Autonomy and Quality
  • We are always determined to maintain our editorial independence and not let anyone dictate what we report on. We owe this to our good journalistic reputation, which is built on the trust of our readership. These principles guarantee that our content is authentic, unique and adapted to the needs of our readers. Valuable content can only tolerate valuable advertising. For example, an article about healthy eating will not be compromised by an advertisement for fast food.
  • Legal compliance
  • Any advertising placed on our platform must comply with the laws of the country in which it appears. For this, we work closely with our legal advisors and adhere to data protection standards. This allows us to ensure that our users' privacy remains protected at all times. We have also written this down in our Ethics and Core Values. 
  • Optimal user experience
  • The satisfaction of our users is our top priority. Therefore, we only accept high-quality advertising that promotes a positive user experience. In addition, we ensure that all our content is accessible free of charge, even without advertising.


Selecting appropriate advertising

Our constant effort is to present only advertising that is suitable for our platform and our user community.


To this end, we enforce strict guidelines for advertising visuals and content to ensure high-quality and brand-appropriate ads.

Violence-free, legally unobjectionable and non-discriminatory content

Ads that promote violence, are legally questionable, or have discriminatory content will not be accepted on our platform.


Similarly, ads that promote products or services that are illegal in certain countries will not be allowed.

Creative and Editorial Guidelines

We expect our advertising partners to follow our creative and editorial guidelines.


Violations or misleading statements will result in exclusion from slots on our website.

These guidelines include visual standards and logistical guidelines, as well as adherence to certain language rules and avoidance of misinformation.

Banned Services and Products

There are certain types of companies and products that we generally do not work with. These include pyramid schemes, tobacco products, weapons-related products, short-term lenders and ticket resellers.

Closing Thoughts on Tarotprince Ads Policies

We place great emphasis on transparency when designing our advertising guidelines.


We strive for clear and precise guidelines that are easy for advertising partners and users to understand. This allows us to ensure a high level of quality, legal compliance and user satisfaction.


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