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Update: Sept 19, 2023

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Follow your zodiac sign below and learn all about your soulmate and how you can identify that it's the real one. 

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You may well ask why Psychic Readings, Astrology & Tarot Cards are used to locate your soul’s mate.

Find out in a Psychic Soulmate Reading.


You deserve answers.

The answer is that in something as serious and life-changing as this – meeting the right life partner – these 3 systems soulmate reading work well together.


They help to place the finer details (from the tarot) in perspective of the much bigger picture (outlined by the stars). 


This article is part of our series of Soulmate Tarot Spread and Astrology.


This is a reading for every sign of the zodiac.


So this Soulmate Reading blending it with Astrology will be more accurate and you will learn very deep secrets. 

Pinpoint Your Soulmate: Tarot & Astrology Combine for Revealing Answers.

So for you it may be helpful to know some basic information on why this soulmate tarot card reading works. Remember, knowledge is power!


The ancient tarot decks (even today’s decks) were made up of seventy-eight cards in total: twenty-two of which are known as the Major Arcana. The M.A. represents the profoundly overarching themes of our lives.


Now all twelve signs of the zodiac come from these important cards. The remainder – some fifty-six cards - are jointly known as the Minor Arcana.


They are separated into four suits which match up with the four Zodiacal elements: these consist of pentacles (Earth), wands (Fire), swords (Wind/Air), and cups (Water). 


This concept also refers to the synastry aspects of soulmate astrology. "No single aspect can make or break the relationship. At the end of the day, we all have free will, and the level of maturity is just as important as the synastry aspects. It is not wise to analyze aspects separately, out of context."


How Do Tarot Cards and Your Birth Chart Intersect in Love?

This is why the birth chart has a crucial impact on the concept of soulmates.


One could even say that astrology is the cover and spine of a book, while the tarot provides the pages of color and words carrying the details.


Thus the former is the macrocosm, whilst the latter is the microcosm of your life. 

Ready for Love's Truth? Opt for Soulmate Readings Enhanced by Astrological Insight.

Our kindred tarot love-cards select the three ideal possibilities in a potential soul-connection.  Why three and not just one?


Because we are all at different stages in our life’s journey and no person has just one shot at love.


That would be awfully unfair. Imagine how many people lose their great loves to disease, war, an accident or a slaying. Are they to remain forever alone? Of course not!


The universe always supplies for us; it is a bountiful provider of all our needs, wants and desires.


Hence, we have a triple opportunity to find real love – a love synonymous with ‘best friend’ and ‘perfect lover.’

Astrological Aspects of a Star Sign: Enhancing Tarot Predictions regarding Soulmates?

Elemental harmony:


Each sign of the zodiac is governed by an element - water, fire, air or earth. Exploring this elemental affinity can provide perspective to the Tarot readings. By way of example, a fire sign might resonate heavily with the vibrant energy of the colour Wands.


Planetary Influences:


Tarot readings can be amplified by taking into account the ruling planet of a zodiac sign. This aspect is also called "Domicile". Libra ruling Venus might frequently encounter themes of love and equilibrium, while Aries ruled by Mars might find cards that hint at passion and confrontation.


Zodiac archetypes:


Each zodiac sign has its own traits and archetypes. When you factor these into the Tarot reading, the meanings become very personal. For a Capricorn, represented by the Mountain Goat, the Ten of Pentacles card, representing accomplishments and legacy, might be particularly important.


The blend of astrology and tarot not only adds to the reading experience, but also adds a nuanced lens through which to perceive one's path to self-discovery and love.

Soulmate Tarot Meets Astrology: Unlock a Universe of Relationship Wisdom.

The zodiac provides the structure, as always, and aligns your potential three partners up, and thus allows you to see the bigger picture.


By using the star- sign system, this lets us shift from the outer to the inner, the inner being the tarot’s soulmate reading articulation of these choices.


Especially the Moon-Sun-Aspect is of vital importance: "When the Moon of one person forms a positive aspect with the Sun of another, it creates a profound emotional bond. This aspect suggests that the two individuals have an innate understanding of each other’s needs and emotions, indicating a soulmate connection."


By offering the big picture via the zodiac, we also offer you motivation for the details. Pitting one ancient system against the other creates the real magic here.


It even supports your search and may speed up the meeting. To know more about the zodiac and the astrology behind it boosts also how each zodiac will recognize their soulmate.


For the two are a true reflection of above (or what is written in the stars) and below (the tarot’s day-to-day effect on our lives). 


Stars, Cards, and Fate: How Do They Shape Your Soulmate Path?

Thus, astrology is brought down to earth while the tarot is elevated upwards revealing your life’s higher purpose.


The terrestrial and the celestial meet and merge to predict your possible three choices, all of whom will complete you and bring much joy.


One sign may be more suited to your needs in your child-bearing years, whilst another may better suit you when you reach a more mature phase.


The wonderful thing is, you with a soulmate tarot reading and astrology you will know what zodiac sign he will be, what to look out for and how best to deal with him.