Can Tarot Cards predict Marriage?

This is a complex question. In theory it can yet you need to understand the limitations of the system.


All querents have free will, therefore, readings can only foretell what your destiny appears to be in its current status. Thus, the deeper ahead you search, the more chance for changes. 


Now if you are informed by a trusted medium that your future indicates that you may not marry, it really means that as things stand now, love is blocked on your path.


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This may, however, be temporary. Just because a reader didn’t ‘see’ an impending wedding when they were asked, it doesn’t mean that there are no possibilities. There are no fixed predictions.


Destiny is always developing.

What happens in your life is, first and foremost, your choice.


You not only cause motion but are responding to it. So, when or even how you do this is always your personal choice.


Let’s say that you wish eventually to be married, your positive affirmative actions will draw this towards you by three ways: 1) by your focus, 2) by your decisions, and, 3) by your own exploration. Free will is the dominating universal force.


Now all decks contain a special message just waiting to be gifted to the querent receiving their reading.


These cards can even possess an ability to foresee betrothals if concerning the individual, directly.

The deck is a splendid tool for personal exploration so do not be afraid to ask about the mutability of certain aspects of your reading.


The Empress often symbolizes marriage so look out for different interpretations of her.


Now, as we know, certain cards denote the arrival of your soulmate. |Hence, these may illustrate a couple/lovers, a Sunset or sunrise, and any two vessels representing the two of cups.


Clearly a soulmate reading may be a strong indication that the time has come for you to decide about a relationship’s serious intent. 


Oracle cards are just as effective and provide both guidance and clarity; they help you to tap into your intuition, too. It is clear that many answers are already within you.


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Another way to think of oracle readings is as your mystical guide that answers whatever questions you have.

The wedding question has certain indicators, as mentioned.


It is truly helping you to decide whether you really are ready for commitment and a legalized bond which ties you to this person despite whatever life may bring to the table.


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So can Tarot Cards predict marriage and a wedding? There are no fixed predictions. But they can guide you to the answers within.