Is He Seeing Someone Else? Tarot Spread and Free Reading of Cards

Welcome to your „Is he seeing someone else Tarot Reading“.

This spread takes a deeper look into this yes or no question.


Has he been dividing his attention and time, engaging in conversations or becoming involved with another individual, or is there a new presence occupying a space in his life?


This is a heart-breaking love question to ever have to be asking yourself.

But unfortunately it is one of the most common when you are in a relationship.


There is another question that you may need to focus on here: Are relationships that leave us in a state of doubt ever good for us?

Is he seeing and talking to someone else? Your Tarot Card has an answer. Look closely. What do you see?

Is he talking to someone else Tarot Spread Reading

Within the arcane tableau, a duo of feminine energies appear to be engaging in a mystic dance of provocation around a central male figure.


His placement amidst this duality might hint at a labyrinthine entanglement, wherein the bonds have evolved into an energetically potent nexus.


Does your paramour seem to be entwined in an intimate waltz with another soul? Or do ancestral memories, perhaps echoes of paternal behaviors from your youth, cloud your perceptions?


The ethereal wounds of forsaking or conjugal dissolution can etch indelible marks upon the soul's tapestry.

Now know that it could be totally innocent: jealousy is not called the ‘evil green-eyed monster’ for nothing.

Is he talking to someone else, Tarot?

Who's He Texting? Uncover Secrets with the Tarot: Is He Sharing His Time Elsewhere?


Have a burning question about love and relationship?

Men and women have many types of friendships outside of their life-partner. We meet all sorts of people every day at work, at the gym, online, out for a walk, on a flight etc.


No man is an island: we are human, we interact, it’s what we do and it’s perfectly normal.


But what does this card tell us? Well, the woman on the left is whispering something and it is something he isn’t ready to hear.

The woman on the right is gesturing above his head with two fingers and while this seems like innocent fun and probably is just a way to say lighten up, it could be construed as a ‘cuckold’ symbol.


In other cultures this means that ‘she’ and not he has been playing away from home.


Is His Loyalty in Question? Tarot's Perspective on Faithfulness Concerns

What the "Is he seeing someone else Tarot" could reveal?

This card could also be seen as not two different women in his life but 1) different aspects of the same woman, or, 2) the women have been having a secret affair. There are multiple interpretations possible here.


One thing is for sure, that the man is being pushed to the end of his tether and may just explode! 


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If you suspect him of seeing and talking to someone else, this card seems to suggest that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and that he just wants some peace and quiet.


As the jealousy, accusations, games or constant female company are not giving him any time to himself, to think straight.


You know the old saying: ‘two’s company but three’s a crowd!’ If you always have a friend over or a sister there in the background, this card is a warning. He wants you to himself occasionally.

Is there someone else in his life? This brings about another connotation when asking the Tarot Cards, if he is seeing someone else or talking to other women


 Upon initial observation, the portrayal may strike one with its jestful aura; yet, a deeper examination reveals an anguished visage reminiscent of Munch's iconic masterpiece.


The mirth swiftly fades into solemnity. Such imagery might imply that while levity is a trait you embrace, there exists a threshold where jest becomes jibe.


Does the pendulum swing toward affirmation or negation? Not every masculine spirit seeks the constant chiding reminiscent of a clucking hen.


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It seems that despite the levity of this card, it is in fact a call to you to sit down with your partner and ask him how he is, how he is really.


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It is crucial to maintain a close bond and it is not simply a ‘given’ but needs hard work and private space to create this shared intimacy. 


Lastly a point to note - do not discuss private matters ever in front of a third party as this is the death of true connectivity, it is a sort of betrayal instead.


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Is he involved with another? Accepting unconditional love and exploring boundaries: A gentle reminder to nurture intimacy?

It is essential that you lavish your partner with an unwavering and unconditional love that acts as a bedrock for trust and mutual respect.


Every person, and this includes your husband, flourishes when given the space they need for personal growth and self-reflection.


While humour and banter can be the glue that unites two souls in light-hearted camaraderie, it's important to remember that an overdose can blur the line between joking and teasing.


Overdoing it with the teasing can unwittingly erode the fabric of closeness and intimacy, leaving threads of insecurity behind. It's a delicate balance that requires constant introspection and attunement to your partner's emotional world.

So is he seeing and talking to someone else Tarot?

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