Is He the One? Dive into the Tarot's Depths for Revelations and Examples.

Is he the right one for me? 


Tarot Spread answers plus examples here for you.


by Arthur de Angelis

Update: Aug 31, 2023


So, this is the big old question we all ask ourselves at some point in the relationship. Psychic Reading Tarot, is he the one? 


And as we are all very different beings, some people ask this right away as they don’t like wasting their time and are generally spontaneous and quick to commit. 


While others may ask this after some months and others after many years. 


Possibly this is also age-related or may even pertain to how quickly we perceive time moving, or whether we feel that we have already squandered a lot of precious time in our past.


This psychic image in your free love reading service is, as always, deeply imbued with energy and symbolism. Is he the right one for me? Tarot spread answers here.


Please have a look at your Tarot Card down here.

Your reading is as follows:

is he the right one for me free tarot card reading

If you look closely at this couples’ card, you will notice a distinctive iron railing which is in front of them.


In fact, being next to water it is both too detailed and pristine so it has to be emblematic (which is what we expect).

So now note the design of the main pattern: it is upside hearts.


This is linked to the traditional tarot’s Three of Swords which has a heart pierced by three swords.


These hearts are also ‘pierced’ by one another interlinking.

What does this mean? Is he the One Tarot? This spread reveals some secret Card meanings

It represents a wise word of warning - be gentle with one another’s feelings.


Remember that some words inflict terrible pain which can’t be removed from the memory – they literally stain the soul.


Likewise, hurtful actions with deliberate intent to wound both emotionally and/or physically are linked to the reversal of the Three of Swords. For once reversed, it is a Minor Arcana card. 

Another reading linked to this is one of eternal optimism, wherein you will overcome grief or depression together and become much stronger because of it.


The pierced hearts release pain. So in a reading it indicates that you will recover and triumph over any heartbreak. This is a positive card stating your strength as a couple to move past the worst.


He is sounding like a great choice for you so far.


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Next if you look at the handrail, you will notice the ‘Greek key’, also called the ‘meander’, which looks just like the letter ‘J’.


Does this mean anything to you? Anyhow, this geometric motif is repeated and most interestingly, it interlocks.


The Meandros is a symbol for eternity and its unmistakable undulations represent life’s flow. This seems to suggest that this man is here for the long haul.


There clearly exists a strong bond, a unity of aims and ideas, and the Greek Key is also linked to creation or being co-creative.


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The card reiterates the idea that you support each other and as you are wearing black, he appears to be helping you through a grieving period.


He also has a flash of red in his attire which suggests passion and the love he genuinely has for you.


This is a loving, committed relationship being depicted here. You have a marked compatibility, note how your hair is even the same color. 

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This could also be suggesting that you share the same birthday or star sign. You are clearly similar on some external as well as internal level. Are you water signs: - Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces?


Now the last notable indicator here is the element of water. If you are drawn to the ocean, you are a gentle, sensitive soul.


Water denotes compassion and warmth, a real ‘giver’, always bringing pleasure to those around you. This is a great foundation for a secure, long-lasting love. 


Is He Indeed Your Mr. Right? Delving deep into the tarot's intricate symbolism, water stands as a testament to your profound emotional bond.


This connection, when paired with other indicators within the cards, paints a hopeful and promising picture in response to your burning query.


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