Who is Virgo Soulmate?

Welcome to the answer: Who is Virgo Soulmate? We show you the ranking of the best signs.


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By Arthur de Angelis.

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Ranking of the 3 best soulmates for virgo.

Most of us hold a torch for the concept (at the very least) that there is a mate for us out there.


Someone so powerfully in tune with our inner selves that this special ‘one’ aligns with our actual souls.

So who is that soul mate if you are a Virgo? 


Well out of the following three card spread, here the first card is likewise a Virgo.

But, you may say, astrology is one thing, what has that to do with tarot? Well, everything! 

Because for every zodiac sign there is a matching card from the Major Arcana.


Your star-sign is represented by one of the most important tarot cards, the Hermit, as life is all about your soul’s journey and this is the soul card. 

tarot card featuring the best soulmate for virgo

Who is a perfect Virgo Soulmate?

Thus you two Hermits will form a force of potent spirituality, knowledge and insight: although, here is a warning, this coupling may seem a tad dry and cerebral to others.


There is a lot going on here but it is internal. More on this in your private and individual Psychic Reading for Soulmates.


For your tarot card depicts an elder or Father Wisdom, carrying a symbol (the lantern) of enlightenment.


Thus, this relationship is full of awareness, self-discovery, deep understanding, commitment but also isolation.


You may both have a tendency to cut yourselves off from the rest of the world. 

Naturally, family members may not encourage such behavior and disapprove of your Virgo choice as you two will speak your own private language.


However, you will gain a close friend as well as a lover.


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Another good match as a Virgo Soul Mate

Now the second tarot card drawn is The Devil (or Capricorn) and this card is reversed.

Now though this is not the best love-card in the deck when upright, its reversed meaning is better.


You are generous and reliable but often Virgos are pessimistic about love and commitment: interestingly this coupling is all about feeling free.


Here the usually oppressive Baphomet is actually allowing you full independence, essential to your character’s needs, by is releasing his famously obsessive hold.


This is perfect for you as you fear being stifled.

In this relationship, you are in fact empowered, in control and though you feel your partner’s strength, there is sense of release and relief.


Is this enough for a lifetime, though? Do you want to love a ‘tamed’ or chained lion?

The 3rd Virgo Soulmate Sign is this

The third card reveals yet another Virgo twin-flame possibility in Pisces. Why does this work? 

Well, for you, unconditional love is something you crave and really appreciate, as you are profoundly insular.


Here there are so many similarities as the Pisces' tarot card is The Moon and its mystical qualities suit you.


You adore the Piscean instinctiveness in handling your desire to be who you are. More insights here in your Psychic Soulmate Reading.


This intuition of theirs allows you to live in peace and harmony. Known to be dreamy, the Moon match is conciliatory, non-combative and adaptable.

You will lead here and set the boundaries which as a cautious lover suits your character. Who is Virgo Soulmate? 


If you want loyalty, kindness and calm, Pisces is the one. Can earth and water really co-mingle together forever? The answer is Yes!