Should a Tarot Reader predict Betrayal, Infidelity and Cheating?

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Should a tarot reader predict infidelity, betrayal and cheating?


That is a good question for the Betrayal and Infidelity Tarot and here comes the answer.

Should a Tarot Card Reading predict and find out that the partner is infidel and cheating?


First of all, one should know that tarot cards do not force reality and look at 100% reality.


There are so many layers of the real world that play a role in this too.


Just remember that there are also invisible realities. The energetic world. Things and behavior arise there even though they are not yet present in the world visible to the eyes.

Secondly, one must know that a tarot reading always focuses on the questioner. It is not about interpreting the reality of another person. Or even to penetrate the mind of another. 


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Can and should a tarot reader predict infidelity and cheating

For these reasons, the answer to the question: Should a tarot reader predict infidelity, betrayal and cheating.

A definitive statement about this is not possible. That would be an assignment of guilt and an invasion of another person's privacy. Please consider what would result from this.

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A fixed statement about this would be an accusation based on the tarot cards. That is not in the sense of a reading.


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What a tarot reader can predict, however, is that there could be tendencies and dangers.


A reading can indicate to look a little closer at the suspected suspicion. To ask questions and to be attentive.


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Perhaps to have an honest conversation and get to the bottom of it.

Conclusion: Should a tarot reading predict betrayal, infidelity and cheating? No, but it should give useful hints about possible next steps.


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