Is he lying to me Tarot? Your Reading of the Cards and Psychic online interpretation

Is he lying to me? Tarot will give you a specific answer in this reading.


Is he telling the truth? Are you not sure?


This is always a sad, deeply troubling question because you just know that the person asking it is in some pain, disillusionment and doubt.


Now often your intuition will provide the answer, but, as we always say, will your conscious self really want to hear or accept it?


You must ask yourself why you even think he could be lying, and be certain of the basis for your doubts.


Accusing someone of lying may have huge consequences so let’s see what this tarot card image can tell us.


Disclaimer: This is for your entertainment only. No minors allowed. No substitute for professional consultation.

does he tell lies to me

This is a very interesting card indeed.


It is a blend of two famous concepts: the Swords - or sorrows - piercing Mary’s heart, but, as here there are eight instead of seven, the Eight of Swords is also called to mind.


So, traditionally, the universal figure of Motherhood, Mary, symbolically has seven grievances or ‘dolori’ relating to her son.


But similarly, the Eight of Swords has a woman (who may be represented by the ‘heart’ of the relationship) standing in a pool of water, as we can see here in our card.

Thus, this creates an interesting hybrid spread. 


Firstly, this image suggests that you are not in a happy place at the moment in your relationship.


This is perfectly natural so try not to despair any further. Know that everyone goes through ups and downs but may not choose to publicize their unhappiness or self-doubt on social media.


We all go through it so just be sure that you are not alone in feeling low.


As we are reminded of here, the world’s most famous mother had a bad time with her son, always fearing for his safety and sometimes not knowing where he even was.


Is he lying to me? Tarot Spread for You

Now the 8 of Swords’ love meaning is relevant here. 

It suggests that your current perspective is changing and you soon will have a clear and objective understanding of your relationship.


Anxieties will now be lifted, so a clearer perspective is close at hand. Soon you will know what needs to be done.


More Information in this Infidelity and Betrayal Tarot here.


You need to release all your negative thoughts in order to feel happier, and as for your romantic life, you have too many self-limiting beliefs.


In other words, if ‘he’ is lying or not, the real problem you face is your own self-imposed restrictions and a martyr’s mentality. A psychic reading on this issue may help.


Do not allow limiting thoughts and beliefs to prevent you from moving forward in your life.



You desperately need to realize just how unique a person you are and believe that you are a miracle, a precious soul. Cherish yourself. Your love is limitless.


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If you discover that he truly is a liar or a cheat, then you are well rid of him; so, you are a winner all round. 

Your Tarot Reading reveals? Is he lying to me?

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Just look at the water pooled at the base of the heart, or metaphorically at your feet, this is related to your ‘truth or lies’ question.


It is suggesting that your intuition might know what your eyes cannot see. Is there a truth that your subconscious already knows but that your conscious mind cannot accept? 


The card in this free accurate tarot reading for love and marriage is ambiguous: you may be the victim of betrayal yet ask your spirit guides or any other spiritual beings you may use.


For now, the card does not clearly condemn him, as the Seven of Swords definitely would have. So to sum up, those swords are hemming you in and restricting your spiritual growth.


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You need to love yourself more and the greater your self-esteem, the more confidence you will have in another’s feelings.


Currently your swords of pain in this "Is he lying to me Tarot" are stopping you from feeling his love.


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