How will the Relationship go? Tarot Card Reading and free Information for you

Congrats! This is an interesting tarot love card. You have asked a question we all ask ourselves when we are involved with someone and this reading will look at possible answers to this.


There is always a 50-50 split between a good tarot card reading and the querent being prepared for it.


In other words, make sure that you are settled down, relaxed, have an open mind and an open heart. Clear any strong and negative emotions away as these distort your energy balance.


Have a look at the card now, which will be interpreted for you in this free reading down below.

So right away, we see a striking image of two willful people. Now some of the best relationships are when there is friction, but this does not mean unkindness or fear-based unions.


In fact, here with this information from the free relationship tarot reading you both seem to be working together to stay dry so when needed, you can pool resources. This is a wonderful thing for a couple.

There appears to be a lot of chemistry here. You are not touching but there is an electricity between you which denotes a positive outcome even if you are passing through stormy times at this very moment.


The love is still there underneath the current clash and this obvious physical attraction forms a powerful cement in tougher times. 


If you look very carefully, he is lifting his jacket to doubly protect you. This is his natural protective instinct.


Don’t knock it, it is part of being a man. The red lining of your jacket suggests that you are hiding – partially - just how deep a passion you feel.


Have courage, you are a brave woman and can always speak first about what it is exactly you want from him.

How will the relationship go? This Tarot Reading raises some questions

When someone asks the tarot ‘how’ will things and relationships ‘go’, the answer is almost always how ‘you’ want them to!


You are in charge of your own destiny and the outcome of your relationships even though that may sound counter-intuitive.


This tarot card about the future of your relationship and how it will go seems to suggest that you have had a disagreement and are sitting apart but when the chips are down, or the rain starts to fall, he is there for you. 


He has a blue-grey lining to his jacket and, in contrast to yours, he may appear much cooler and less involved but that is because you are on the opposite spectrum wearing your heart on your sleeve.


Men don’t, generally, like to talk about their feelings; however, this certainly doesn’t mean that they are any less emotionally invested than you are.

Now a strong piece of tarot card symbolism about how the relationship will go here is the horizontal planks of the fence creating those triple lines behind you.


All tarot cards are read from the left in three horizontal lines revealing a linear progression of the fool’s journey where he is still learning.


In fact, we are always learning in a couple relationship.


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Three is an important number, too, in religion (the trinity), in mathematics (the perfect number) and in philosophy (understanding, wisdom and harmony). It is an angelic number and it seems that it blesses your union.

How will the relationship go? Tarot Cards are pointing towards your wishes

It seems like you may have had or will have one large breakdown in communication, hence the vertical posts which interrupt the horizontal flow but you will pick up again.



The how will the relationship got question for the tarot cards is on a fairly even trajectory and there is a lot of deep emotion there.


You are slowly learning to trust more and have to realize that you don’t need to be always defensive or so utterly self-reliant as he wants to take care of you, if you will let him.

A woman wearing the trousers is a wonderful thing but not all the time, know when to be fragile and soft.


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Remember, there is great strength in the softest element: water. Letting someone get really close to you will give you joy beyond words. 


That is the happy conclusion of the tarot reading about how the relationship will go. 


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