Relationship Status Tarot Reading: Uncover Where You Truly Stand in Love and Life's Key Situations

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Are you in a heartbreak and desperate for answers?


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With my Relationship Status Tarot, I offer you a free reading that delves deep into the mysterious realms of romance and relationships.


By Arthur de Angelis

Updated Oct 29, 2023

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As we shuffle the deck here in this Relationship Tarot Reading and lay out the cards, here are the crucial questions the Universe may have answers to:

  • Love Situation Tarot: What energy presently swirls around your love life?
  • Relationship Standpoint: Where does your partnership momentarily stand?
  • Love Position Tarot: What is your part or position in the relationship?
  • Romantic status: Is your romance blossoming, stagnating or changing?
  • Couple's situation: What kind of challenges or joys are you both facing at the moment?
  • Intention of the partner: What could be the underlying feelings or intentions of your partner?
  • Current Romance Tarot: In which kind of direction is your love story moving at the moment?

So are you ready to discover the messages of the Love Tarot for yourself?


Let's travel through the cards and unlock the secrets of your love situation and your position in your partnership!



At the bottom of this page you will find personal readings about your relationship status. About your partner's intentions and how your relationship energetically affects me.


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What is my relationship status? What situation am I in in terms of romance and love? This Free Tarot Card Reading will give you answers.

Alright, I have drawn three cards for you from the wonderful Starlight Tarot deck:

  • The Sun
  • The Wheel of Fortune
  • The Seven of Cups

Hello, dear soul! Let's dive deep into the cards and see what the Universe has in store for you.

The Sun: What brightens your love life Tarot and your current romance?

Have you ever hoped for a ray of hope in your love journey? If so, then the Sun card in this Relationship Status Tarot is your sign!


This luminous card suggests that your romantic walk is heading towards a phase full of joy, clarity and warmth.


Even if things are currently clouded by doubts, the Tarot card Sun promises to cut through the fog.


So ask yourself: What are the glowing desires for your love life? And what action are you willing to take to maintain that luminosity?

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Where do you see your relationship standpoint and partnership in the coming cycle?

Life is a roller coaster with many unforeseen twists and turns, and our relationships are no different.


The tarot card Wheel of Fortune reminds us of this ebb and flow. Representing both anticipated patterns and surprising changes in your love situation, it encourages you to consider the dynamics of your personal relationships.


There may be insecurities at the moment, but every turn holds potential and promise. This free Relationship Status Tarot is designed to encourage you to consider the one thing: what do you most want for the next chapter of your relationship?


And what can you actually actively do to influence that outcome, taking in the ups as well as the downs? What would a psychic tell you? Maybe you find answers in a free Psychic Love Reading here.

Seven of Cups: Amidst the myriad of emotions: Where do you want your romantic status and love position to lead in the Tarot?

It's not unusual to feel swamped by a flood of emotions and possibilities at times, especially in matters of the heart.


The Tarot Card Seven of Cups shows exactly this feeling - a cocktail of sentiments, hopes and eventual outcomes.


What this means can be heady as well as mind-blowing. But remember that this deep connection to your emotions can be a guidepost to what really arrives.


As you take in the insights of your relationship status reading and cross this sea of emotions and choices, think about the following: What heart goal do you really want to pursue in love?


And what concrete actions are you willing to take to realise that desire?

A common question to the Tarot cards in Relationship Status: Does he regret what he has done?

Does he regret it? Well, here is my first energetic impression that the first look should be at yourself.


Look at your emotions towards her. Do you feel anger, resentment towards this person or other people involved? Sometimes our emotions obscure the energetic quality of reality.


In my experience, it can help to look at your own negative feelings from the past and let them go.


You could do this, for example, by writing down all the resentment on a piece of paper and then tearing it up and throwing it into running water.


This way you show life that you are ready to let go and open yourself up for a new beginning. 

In summary, your Relationship Status Tarot Reading shows a journey with ups and downs, clarity and confusion.

But above all, this tarot reading on your relationship status and situation speaks of potential, hope and a brighter future.


Whether you are looking at the couple's situation tarot, the relationship status tarot or the partner's intention tarot, remember to trust your journey.


Use this love situation tarot reading and detailed insight into your partnership status for current romances as a guide. 


You are worth loving and it is okay to take time to figure things out. Engage in the process and remember that you are not alone on this journey.


Shine on and come back for another free tarot reading on your relationship status! ūüĆü

What is the Status of my Relationship? Your Personal Tarot Reading and my Psychic Interpretation of the Situation

Reading number 1: I was disconnected from my husband for three months and attempted to return to him. After a good week he started avoiding me and got dissociated. Last night he informed me that he was switching to live with his girlfriend and that he loved her. Is this true or not?


Answer from Psychic Arthur de Angelis: 


Your question exudes deep emotion and a quest for clarity as one copes with the loss and detachment of a loved one.


I empathize with your heartache and the chaos you are going through. Keep in consideration that the heart often travels mysterious paths and people can react in a multitude of ways. While you are trying to figure out the situation, don't forget to pay attention to yourself.


Every pain holds the chance for self-development. Do believe that you have the resilience to weather this storm and that after every passing there is also a loving new beginning.

Reading 2.


Card Drawn: "Two of Cups, Reversed"



The "Two of Cups, Reversed" typically signifies disharmony, imbalance, or a disconnect in relationships. It suggests that while there was once a deep connection, currently there might be emotional distances or misunderstandings.


Her current energies might be more invested in her present relationship, leading her to perhaps inadvertently keep the past, including her feelings towards you, at bay.


Uplifting Message:

Relationships, especially those that touch our core, have a way of imprinting our souls. While the present may seem distant, it doesn't diminish the beauty and depth of what once was. Trust in the rhythms of the universe. Every individual you meet, including her, plays a significant role in your life's journey.


Allow yourself to cherish the memories, while also being open to new experiences and connections. Your paths intertwined for a reason, teaching you valuable lessons and evoking deep emotions.


While it's natural to seek clarity, remember that sometimes, the most profound answers lie in letting go and trusting the journey ahead. With time, the universe often unravels its mysteries, shedding light on emotions and intents.


Until then, hold onto the love and growth that every connection, including this one, brings into your life.


Reading 3: The Energies of your current Relationship Status.


"I have always felt a deep connection to this person. Over the years, I've grown and evolved, and I think they've started to see that change in me. But I'm uncertain. I am torn between following my heart or protecting myself from possible heartbreak. Should I open up to them or move on?"


Tarot Card Drawn: "Strength"


Interpretation focussing on your Relationship Status:


The "Strength" card promulgates a message about lasting bonds and the transformative power of patience. This card illustrates that while your feelings are deep and authentic, the important thing is to let things develop in their own time. Your personal development has not slipped away from them.


Uplifting Message about the future status of your Relationship: 


Love and its problematic situations often require the virtues of patience and faith. The deepest bonds are sometimes those that develop gradually.


Continue to be guided by your heart, but let the rhythm flow naturally. Do not force anything, then life and love wants to flow.


Even if it is sometimes incomprehensible to us. In this energetic up and down feelings clarity makes its way to you.


Be assured that life is always on your side and has prepared a story for you that belongs only to you and your deepest desires.


Trust the timing of the wisdom of the heart and know that authentic love will find a way to run its course.