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Is my relationship over?


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by Arthur de Angelis

Update: Aug 18, 2023

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Congratulations on this tarot love card! It is important to note that the image, though realistic and photographic, is highly symbolic and radiates spiritual energy. As the seeker or querent, you will be represented by the standing female figure here.


Please have a look at this card down here.

As always, you need to put in the work for an accurate reading and this means having a clear mind: it must be free of raging passions (jealousy or revenge) as this emotional turmoil drowns out and distorts any psychic messages. 

So, you want to know if things between you and your significant other have run their course and are now finished.


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It is amazing that such a question is raised by a person within the relationship. Remember that the course in which the relationship develops is in your hands, really in your hands.


You are the very best judge of whether you want to invest in nurturing the relationship. It is totally up to you to choose whether you have the drive and energy to realign a connection that seems to have gone off track.


The images you see before you paint a vivid scene with a distinct railroad track symbolizing two obvious possibilities.


Do you go back to the shaded memories or step ahead to the bright but unpredictable future? Whether side by side or alone, the choice is yours.


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You are clinging to each other, it seems there is a lot of love here. But again, just look at the billboards plastered everywhere indicating the enormous choices and riches of life.


Like these posters, life is a tapestry full of laughter, tears, dreams and new opportunities. You have so many wonderful things ahead of you, with or without him.

The appearance of a third silhouette on the right indicates your intuition that another person is lurking in the shadows.


This need not signify a romantic entanglement. It could be a female figure who is perceived to be emotionally challenging and diverting his or her attention and time away from you.


The card asks you to dig deep within yourself and see if this particular relationship is really fulfilling your needs, or if you should be looking for something more profound and enriching.

This type of situation, fraught with doubt, may make you feel like you have been buried underground with all the weight of the world on your shoulders – like the tube station you are seen in here.


But remember there is an exit sign and the way out is brightly lit.


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There is also an ‘ i ’ (information)  sign here which indicates that maybe you need to know more before you decide to walk away.


Perhaps you are questioning whether you should stay in the couple or whether you should leave him. this is a serious decision and requires the wisdom of a stay or go tarot reading


The odd posture of the third figure, leaning forward strangely, suggests a ghostly presence. Your fears that it is a nefarious romantic competitor may in fact stem from a bygone trial in your partner's life that is still unresolved.

So is my Marriage and Relationship over and finished now? What does this Tarot Card really mean?

Do you suspect that he is with another woman? That is a bad feeling. 


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So, back to your question: look very closely at the image, it clearly shows above both of you the magic 3 options in the classic tarot deck.


We can see red, green and info signs. Firstly, your choice is to explore his past and motivations more to know whether or not this association is really what you want and need: i.e. you could to ask yourself, is this good for me?


Secondly, the red signpost denotes putting a stop to this and all your torment. And thirdly, the green says to go on and continue a happy life together with no recriminations or doubts or lies.

One thing that is certain is that you have come to a crossroads and a decision needs to be made.


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This frustration is hard for anyone to live with. And a frankly summary of this free reading about the question: Is my Relationship over?


The Tarot Cards indicate that you are a wonderful and loving person who should feel secure in yourself, because you are fabulous, and secure in the one you love.


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