Who is Libra Soulmate?

So you want to know, who is Libra soulmate?


Here you will find a detailed explanation of what are the best Soulmate signs for Libra woman and man.


By Arthur de Angelis.

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Best soulmates for Libra are:

This zodiac sign is represented in the Tarot system by the Justice card.


This holds a lot power as ultimately Justice embodies her namesake, and also honesty, and morality; thus, a Libran is a seeker of the truth in relationships.


Your zodiac sign oversees every action and its consequences and can’t help but judge so for many your sign are the Karma-callers.

Who is Libra Soulmate? Your first possible choice is another Justice Tarot Card.

best soulmate for libra shown on a tarot card

No one else can potentially meet your exacting standards. How to detail with it? 

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This will be an intensely passionate pairing as you are both ruled by Venus.


You are very social, love beauty, and are always weighing up the right and wrong of each situation and thus indecision is a big fault.

As you have a tendency to be rather self-righteous as well as expressing a duality - like Hermione in Harry Potter – you will at least understand one another well.


Therefore, as you are the Scales in Astrology, likewise denoted in the Justice Tarot card, you will find a deeper understanding among your own kind.


On a negative note, you are both prone to angst and unnecessary procrastination. It is a safe if boring coupling but works well later in life.

One of the best Libra Soulmate Signs revealed

However, the second card reveals another air sign of the zodiac as a perfect match in Gemini. Their ruling tarot card is The Lovers. Now as Libras fall in love hard and quickly, you could have a tendency to lose interest.


But, Geminis fall just as fast so you will have to find ways to keep the spark in your relationship going.


The Lovers card clearly symbolizes twin-flames, passion and romance. It is no surprise that the Gemini-Libra couple is full of fun. 

This may not lead to marriage if sought too early on but it will be a memorable affair.


Your match brings together Mutable Air as a Gemini and Cardinal Air as a Libran. Hence with both signs ruled by the air element, this is a positive pairing making you intellectually and sensually compatible.


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Above all else, Geminis are playful and bring a spark into your otherwise overly serious manner.

Who else is a potential Libra Soulmate?

The 3rd card is Leo or in the tarot deck, the Strength card, but this time reversed. Now Leo and Libra create an exciting, vibrant and deep partnership.


You have a natural love compatibility because you two share so many similarities and thus a profound mutual understanding is yours.


There are also differences which only exhilarate your passion.


In a love-tarot-reading, when Strength is reversed, it can mean you have a tendency for a co-dependent relationship.


This undoubtedly comes from some formative disappointments and has made a usually proud lion insecure.


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An emotionally damaged foundation will make it difficult for you to be independent of each other, even pursuing your own hobbies may create jealousy.


You should work on self-belief.

For in this reversed position, Leo, who is a Libra Soulmate as well, though a bold fire sign, is damaged.


As a sophisticated air sign, you will make him happy if you stay positive, action-oriented and massage his bruised Leonine ego until he is back roaring again.