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What is Tarot Astrology, and how does it combine the wisdom of tarot and astrology?

The ancient and mystical worlds of tarot and astrology! They have both been helping souls find their way around the troubled waters of life for ages. But what exactly would happen if these two potent tools joined forces? This is where Tarot astrology enters the picture.


Tarot astrology is kind of like the flawless blend of your preferred coffee: it combines the abundant depth of the tarot cards with the astrological cosmic insights of the zodiac, crafting a brew that can uncover intricate details about your life. Curious how this works? Let's dive in.


Fundamentally, tarot is a deck of cards charged with symbols and archetypes. When drawn during a reading, these cards can illuminate your past, present and possible future. Consider them a reflection of your psyche, giving you a fuller view of your inner self.

The Magical Confluence of Tarot and Astrology

Astrology, on the other hand, examines the positions and movements of the stars and planets to decipher their influence on our lives, and has a vast celestial web at its disposal.


Your sun sign (the zodiac sign you probably know) plays a crucial role in determining your personality traits, compatibility in love and even your career path.


Suppose now that you were to have these two things woven together! In Tarot astrology, each Tarot card represents an astrological sign or planet. For example, the card Emperor represents Aries, which personifies leadership and authority, while the dreamy and intuitive card Moon equates to the magical Pisces.


When you are given a tarot astrology reading, you are accessing a double reservoir of wisdom. The cards reveal the energies that surround you, while the astrological connections add an extra dimension that allows for a much deeper understanding.

Unlocking Deeper Insights with Tarot Astrology

If you feel that a conventional tarot reading or a look at your horoscope is not sufficiently comprehensive, then tarot astrology may be just what you had been looking for.


Fundamentally, tarot astrology is like speaking heart-to-heart with the Universe. It's an intuitive conversation that not only gives insight into your current situation, but also shows how the stars are involved. It's about connection - with oneself, the cards and the cosmos.


So the next time you're contemplating life's big picture or just worrying about tomorrow, why not give tarot astrology a try? A dance of stars and cards is waiting to tell your most unique story.

Where do Tarot and Astrology intersect in their methodologies and insights?

Tarot and astrology, two age-old methods, share symbolic interpretations and intuitive approaches to offer insights.


In their basics, both rely on cosmic and universal symbols to depict the path of life. The Tarot, with its 78 cards, offers stories and archetypes of human experience, while astrology depicts the impact of celestial objects on a person's life based on their birth data.


An overlap in their methods arises from the focus of both on cycles: The Tarot uses the Fool's Journey throughout the Major Arcana, and Astrology depicts the cyclical movements of the planets.


Furthermore, each uses the elements - earth, air, fire and water - to portray temperaments and tendencies. In combination, they create a multi-faceted lens for comprehension that unlocks both the immensity of the cosmos and subtleties of individual narratives.


This interaction amplifies the depth and breadth of the findings gained and helps seekers to find more clarity and orientation.

When in history did Tarot and Astrology start being used together?

Early origins of both tarot and astrology go back thousands of years. The study of celestial patterns, astrology has its beginnings in the ancient civilisations of Babylon and Egypt.


Tarot, on the other hand, began as a card game in Renaissance Italy in the 15th century, but its esoteric use did not become popular until the 18th century.


It was only in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, notably with the rise of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, that the systematic fusion of tarot and astrology began.


Members of this order, including A.E. Waite (designer of the popular Rider-Waite deck), integrated astrological imagery into Tarot readings.


As a consequence, astrological equivalents were attributed to many Tarot cards, forming a bridge between the two systems.


This blending added value to both disciplines, intensified the levels of significance that could be deduced from the readings, and resulted in their common use in modern esoteric practices.

What are the benefits of merging Astrology and Tarot?

Utilising the pooled strengths of Tarot and Astrology provides incomparable personal benefit, especially for those in search of answers to pressing questions:


Depth of understanding: astrology exposes your inner being and life issues, painting a comprehensive picture of your personality. The Tarot, on the other hand, focuses on specific moments and gives implementable advice. Together, they offer a comprehensive view of your life's journey.


Decision-making support: are you at a crucial moment? While astrology can indicate the best times to take action, the Tarot offers guidance on the immediate steps you should take. You will take choices with foresight and insight.


Empowerment: Knowledge is power. Having an understanding of the astrological forces at play, coupled with the intuitive guidance of the Tarot, equips you to take command, act with self-assurance and control your fate.


Emotional balance: Tarot cards reflect your innermost feelings and help you process emotions. Astrology explains the underlying cosmic influences, providing a broader context. This dual perspective can bring peace and balance in turbulent times.


Improved intuition: Consulting both instruments regularly hones your intuition. You are tuned into the rhythms of the universe and are more in tune with your internal guidance system.


The bottom line is that the combined synergy of tarot and astrology provides a strong set of instruments. It could be also found in an Tarot Horoscope.

Why are these Tarot Astrology Cards special? Does the reading also answer your personal yes no questions?

It is a pleasure for us to  present it in this new design. With this card deck we do not follow the classic Arcana. We have taken the liberty to design our own symbol cards and interpret them for you.


You can also ask a yes or no tarot question directly and personally to an experienced psychic tarot reader. We advise you to do this if it is very urgent and the answer should be very precise. 


Tarotprince knows that the classic strengths and characteristics of a zodiac sign are assigned to traditional cards from the Lenormand or Tarot deck. This is a good and very old tradition. We appreciate it very much.


However, our young team has thought about how a modern interpretation of the Tarot deck could look like in the context of astrology. Be curious about some new perspectives. We wish you the best.


May the astrological reading of your tarot horoscope bring you as much benefit as possible. A clever combination would be to contact the cheap psychics and reflect the insights reciprocally.

Why is Tarot Astrology an ancient art and which information could you possibly gain from it?

Tarot and Astrology is an art and science that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a tool used to find answers to questions about life.


The answers are found in the cards. This art has become very popular in the last few decades. There are many people who have studied this art and have learned how to use it to answer questions about life.


Many people have used this art to help them through difficult times. They have found that it has helped them to overcome problems that they were facing.


Some of these people have written books about their experiences with this art. These books are available for sale. There are many websites where you can learn more about this art.


There are different kinds of zodiac tarot cards. The most common kind is the deck that has 78 cards. These cards are called Major Arcana.


There are also several other kinds of decks that have different numbers of cards. You can use any kind of deck to answer your questions. You do not have to use the same deck that was used by the person who wrote the book.


You can ask your question using the Major Arcana or any other deck. The answer will be found in one of the cards. You will be given an interpretation of what the card means. You will then be told what action to take in order to achieve your goal.

What to do with the information? Making the Most of Your Tarot Astrology Reading

You may have also wondered how accurate the statements of this information are. In general, it can be said that the future is not predicted here. So what to do with the outcome of a reading?


  • Contemplate: Spend a brief time to absorb and consider the knowledge you have gained.
  • Keep a diary: Record the key lessons and any positive personal impressions they evoke.
  • Planning action: Set out achievable steps to follow on the basis of the advice you have received.
  • Meditation: Commit to meditating on particular cards or astrological signs to gain a fuller appreciation.
  • Seek clarification: If you are not sure about a statement, seek further interpretation.
  • Share: Discuss findings with a trustworthy friend or mentor.
  • Be patient: Be mindful that some forecasts take time to manifest.
  • Keep an open mind: be sensitive to the way the universe conveys, even beyond the reading.
  • Further learning: immerse yourself in tarot or astrology to broaden your understanding.
  • Gratitude: Appreciate the wisdom of the Universe and be grateful for the guidance you receive.


Use it carefully, first meditate on it. You are given possibilities, not certainties. The future is not fixed. It is up do you, what to do about it.


So, follow your inner light and wisdom. You will know what to do with it as soon as you are facing reality related to the reading.

There are still a lot of variations and questions that can be asked in a astrology love tarot reading. On the basis of astrological wisdom, one can look into many areas of life. These are especially questions at the crossroads of life. 


Astrology answers in a tarot reading also your yes no question.

Understanding Tarot Astrology: A Harmonious Blend

Tarot astrology is a compelling blend of distinct but interwoven divination methods. It goes way beyond the obvious by connecting the intricate illustrations of the Tarot with the cosmic vitality of astrology.


For instance, if you reveal the card "Tower" while Jupiter is in the forefront, this could be an hint of far-reaching changes amplified by Jupiter's expansionary influence, signifying growth through challenges.


If you face up the Magician card during a Mercury dominance, it could refer to the use of communication skills influenced by Mercury's essence of dialogue and expression.


This very unique mix offers multifaceted angles on burning issues and ensures a broad view of one's path.


Tarot astrology can result in revelations that remain in the dark when a single method is relied upon. On your journey through life's puzzles, let tarot astrology be your guide to insight and direct your steps with precision and depth.

Where can I learn more about this ancient art and how can I do Tarot Astrology reading by myself?

If you want to learn more about this art, there are many places to get information. Many people have written books about this art. You can buy them at your local bookstore or online.


If you would like to read about tarot astrology, there are many places that you can go to find out more. You can visit the website of the American Tarot Association. You can also visit the website of the American Federation of Astrologers.


You see, Tarot Astrology is an art for itself.