Should I leave the Relationship? Tarot Card Reading about Staying or Leaving

What should I do?

Should I leave the relationship?


Tarot Card Reading explores this question and illuminates the options in depth. 


That is one of the most difficult questions you will ever have to face. This tarot spread will try to help you answer that question.


Be strong and relax, prepare to learn something new and keep an open mind and heart.

Look at the card below, which will answer your question. 

should I stay or leave my relationship tarot spread

Now in this amazing card, you, the querent, are gazing at the sun for succor, for answers, for healing, for inspiration and for reassurance.


Now in a tarot reading about the question, if you should leave the relationship, you may be wondering what the Sun means.


It may surprise you to know that it can indicate marriage, but are you ready, if that scenario is in the offing?

One thing is sure, that you are trying to figure out your true feelings. You seek guidance here. But have you ever considered that you already know what’s in store relationship-wise?


Just by looking for an answer here today means that you have reached a decision but want confirmation. 


Should I leave my Relationship? The Tarot offers some confirmation on your decision

Maybe you will marry this man, maybe you already are married, but, if the Sun keeps coming up for you what does it mean?


Don’t worry, it is a very positive card and also one of the most powerful. In this card it is more muted as you are only seeing its reflection; also you are standing between the sun and the viewer.


You want to leave your spouse? Do you think he talks to other women and meets them secretly?


So, ask yourself this: is my partner a source of warmth and light? Does he give me strength? Am I a source of these things for him?


Or is this union just a pale reflection of true love, like the reflected sun here in your card? You do know the answers deep down.


This will involve some soul-searching and the tarot is uniquely placed to aid you in self-exploration so that you dig deeper into your life, your mental state, your motivations etc.

Now the sun here is being blocked by you and refracted through water. This means that you are in a flux of confusion.


Its usual meaning is also being distorted and weakened. So, are you perhaps orbiting your partner like he is the sun? Ask yourself: am I in a healthy position in relation to him? Is there an unequal power dynamic going on?


Or another interpretation could be: what do I need to switch up in my life so that I feel like I am standing in the sun? 


Because remember that ‘The Sun’ has a multitude of meanings and mostly good ones. This card could be saying that good fortune, especially with regard to your leaving him, lies ahead of you – the best is yet to come.


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Should I leave my current relationship? What answers do the Tarot Cards have in place?

Once again, your answer is in question of leaving or staying in the relationship. The tarot cards simply reflect your decision.  


You don’t think about the possibility of ending something if you are fully committed and deeply happy. And you certainly can’t salvage something unless your other half wants to also. Look again at the card, there is land on the other side.



This means there are new horizons and places to conquer for you still. Don’t feel guilty about it and about the possibility of leaving your relationship. Maybe you are not ready to commit to forever.

Struggling to understand these feelings when your relationships fails is normal: that’s the water in-between you and where you want to be in the card.


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You have to pass through this unstable element so the future may feel a little uncertain for a while. However, it is far worse if you don’t accept your reality if you really can’t hold onto those loving feelings any longer.


This is your life, not anyone else’s. Follow your intuition and instinct above all else but this card brings some insight into the situation. Remember combined wisdom is to refer to your body, mind and spirit. 


The conclusion of your Should I leave the relationship Tarot Readings is as follows. Listen to your heart, it is your life. 


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