"Should I leave the relationship?" - A tarot card reading on staying or leaving.

should I stay or leave my relationship tarot spread

This tarot reading titled "Tarot Insights on Staying Together or Parting Ways" can enlighten your journey.


by Psychic Arthur de Angelis

Update October 29, 2023

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Relationships, with their myriad feelings and complicated underlying dynamics, can leave us guessing about our next steps.


Should I leave the relationship and move on?


When we decipher the deeper symbolism and convey the powerful messages of the tarot cards, we can step forth with confidence and a more profound awareness of ourselves.


In this comprehensive guide, you'll discover how the cards can reveal vital insights about your current romantic situation and the potential choices that lie ahead.


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What do the tarot cards say about leaving or staying in a relationship?

A tarot card journey can be very insightful, particularly if you're faced with the pressing question, "Should I just give up and leave the relationship?"


That said, this is one of the most difficult questions you can ask yourself. This tarot reading is meant to offer you some inspiration and perspective.


Prepare to explore on something transformative; proceed with an open heart and mind. Now look at the card that should shed light on your question.

What insights does the Sun Tarot Card provide about your relationship status?

The symbology of the Sun tarot card can be puzzling. With an interpretation that centers on the question, "Should I stay in the relationship or leave it?" you may wonder about its meaning.


It may interestingly stand for a kind of commitment, maybe even a marriage. Are you ready for it, if that's the case?


The Sun is recommending that you reflect on your true feelings, seek counseling, and think about the future of the relationship.

Deep down, you may actually hold the keys to the answers. The fact that you are consulting the Tarot may imply that you have already made up your mind, but are looking for confirmation.

How can the symbolism of the Sun card affect your relationship decision?

While the Sun usually has a favorable connotation, its imagery here is somewhat subdued.


Your character seems to be trying to block the Sun and only show its mirror image, leaving you standing between the Sun and the viewer.


This brings up questions like, "Is he talking to another woman?" or "Is my relationship over?". You may find clarity in special tarot readings.


Perhaps you have been struggling with the question of whether to stay in the relationship or leave him for good. this is a serious decision and may need another interpretation of a stay or go tarot reading. 


Also consider the essence of your relationship. Is it like the glowing sun or just its faint reflection? The Tarot stimulates introspection and helps you explore your motivations, feelings, and current life circumstances.

What do the water and the darkened sunlight of the card reveal about your feelings?

The dimmed sun and its refracted light in the water indicate emotional turmoil and confusion. This causes concern about the balance in your relationship.


Are you revolving around your mate and being overshadowed by his or her presence? Is the power dynamic becoming a burden to you?


Or consider: what changes can bring you into the light of the Sun?

If you decode the tarot, should you consider leaving the relationship or committing?

While the cards are informative, they are also a reflector of your inner thoughts and feelings. If you're thinking about ending the relationship, there may be a reason.


The faraway land on the map points to unexplored territories and opportunities for you.


Exploring through the stormy waters of failed relationships is a journey in itself. Still, it's important to face up to reality, especially if your affection has waned.

Recall that the Sun card contains many positive interpretations. It could indicate that favorable results are to be expected, especially in relation to your relationship considerations.


Your life is unique, and this card, in combination with your intuition, offers you a clearer perspective on the situation.


Understand the wisdom of the tarot cards for relationship decisions.

It's one of the trickiest questions you'll ever ask yourself: should you leave the relationship? Tarot advice offers you deep insights into this delicate dilemma and illuminates your choices in depth.


Be strong and center yourself. Brace yourself to discover new facets of your situation and keep your mind and heart open.


Look at the next card. It holds the answer to your dilemma of whether to continue or end the relationship.

The Tarot Reflection on your partnership problems.

In this captivating card, you see the Sun and seek advice and confirmation in the Tarot. The Sun symbolism in the Tarot can point to marriage, but are you ready to commit?


If you're fighting those love issues, remember the power of your personal intuition.


The very fact that you're looking for tarot insights today shows that you're seeking validation, perhaps a sign that matches your inner feelings.



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The Sun card, with its potent and positive energies, might be a bit more subdued in this reading.


But it prompts you to look within yourself: Is your partner a beacon of warmth and light? Will he or she give you strength? And conversely, do you do the same for him or her?

Your way forward: hang in there or walk away?

Is your partnership just a pale reflection of real love?


Or does it shine with the depth and intensity of the sun's rays? These questions are crucial when it comes to making decisions in love.


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If the picture of the Sun in your card is darkened or broken, it could be an indication of your current confusion.


Your typical meanings could also be distorted. Think about the dynamic between yourself and your partner. Is there an existing mismatch?


Going deeper, rethink how you can arrange your life to feel more centered and "sunny."


Want to mend a drifting relationship bond? Try this reading.


This card could signal that there are better days ahead, especially in terms of your decision-making about your relationship. The best may be on the horizon.


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Reading 1 - Mixed Signals: 


I'm in a relationship where I'm receiving mixed signals. He talks of a future together, but his actions suggest otherwise. I wasn't seeking love before this, but now I've fallen for him. Should I continue this relationship or move on?


Dear Seeker,


Thank you very much for addressing me with your problem in confidence. The energies that accompany your connection are characterized by uncertainty and confusion.


Your connection radiates clear signals that point to stability as well as to changes. The universe brings experiences and people into our daily lives with divine timing, often bestowing lessons and love that we least plan for.


You write of conflicting signs, and it may be beneficial to consult the Tarot if you are wondering whether to stay or continue in this relationship. The cards can provide you with insight and reflection at this crucial time.


The "Air of Water" has enriched our reading, a blending of the intellectual breeze with the depths of the water of the heart.


This card heralds an approaching clarity of feeling and gently encourages you to embrace both logic and love as they dance together.


It is a tender reminder that within you lies the wisdom to understand the complexities of love. Sink deeply into your feelings, and let the air of thought guide your heart. In this balanced connection, you might find the clarity you crave in love.



In the tension of life and relationships, rely on your inner compass. Your intuition, in conjunction with the energies I perceive, will guide your coming steps. Remember that the universe supports you with growth, love and new beginnings.


With warmth and cosmic guidance,


Psychic Arthur de Angelis

What conclusion does the tarot card offer to the question, "Should I leave the relationship?"

In summary, when asked the question, "Should I leave the relationship?" it is important to trust your instincts and feelings.


Our free online Tarot Reading Service offers insights, but the final choice is up to you. Take the clues, but remember: the decision is always yours.


As you complete your journey with the Tarot, always have in mind: it's your life. Whether you decide to commit or leave, trust your gut in conjunction with the meanings of the tarot cards.


Together, they form a compass that will guide you through your romantic problems and onto a clearer path.