Couple Relationship Tarot Spread

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Love Tarot Spread for Couples


When a pair's relationship no longer meets the standard of happiness.

Perseverance then becomes of very limited strength.


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However, is this really a good solution? Most likely not.


This is because jointly getting over obstacles is part of having a good community. According to the motto: "Someone different is more likely to be successful in bringing me happiness."


But this belief is generally not very suitable for seeking one's own fortune. 


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Yet if you rely on a spouse for your luck in this way, you're likely to be unavoidably disenchanted.  


To avoid this situation, certain things can be done. To begin with, it is necessary to understand the status of your current relationship.

Couples Tarot Spread and accurate Reading

Energy is generated by friction - not only in physics. It is possible to use this energy in a beneficial way.


Particularly after a long-term engagement, it is natural for the early thrill to dissipate.

Perhaps you know this from your own experience. 


Probably you have experienced this yourself. You then have a greater tendency to see the other person's faults - and to point them out.


However, you yourself are likely to have flaws as well. What are your intentions?


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The felicity of a couple's relationship lies in the hands of the people who share it. This appears to be a truism.


But living by it is not always easy. There are basic values and various conditions that make life together lovable.


What these are, we would like to introduce to you here in short words. The joint confession of togetherness is a basic prerequisite.


Love Tarot Spread for Couples. What the Cards reveal about your relationship

A pair relationship also requires solving disputes together with the partner. Blame and manipulation do not go down well.


Marriages, partnerships and togetherness cannot exist harmoniously unless people talk frankly and truthfully with each other about issues, anxieties, feelings and needs.


That is why communication should be an important part of your couple relationship.


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So, quarreling is also part of a healthy relationship. Addressing issues that will not be settled any time soon should be put on the back burner.


Even though this understanding is not the solution to perfect couple happiness, it helps us to get on the proper route.


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