Here is Your Free Psychic Reading of the Princess Risona Card.

You fortuitously drew the Princess Risona tarot card.

She's your free psychic reading angel and on service for you.


For Entertainment only.


Are you ready to discover more? 

Relax and concentrate. This is the start of your personal journey. 


The deeper meaning of this tarot card for you is:

  • departure,
  • a new beginning,
  • letting
  • go of the old and starting something new.

Your current situation will not be bearable for you any longer. There is no need to be afraid, though.

  • Want to know if it's going to be a yes or a no? This information is also hidden in this Tarot card.  

If you don't want to get hurt anymore, change something.

Take a good look at that picture of your

card below. Focus on it. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. 

  • It tells you a lot about your difficult situation and what the future brings. 

Below, read through your personal card’s meaning. You'll be surprised but being curious is only natural! It’s how we learn and grow. 

Tarot Deck Risona
Princess Risona Tarot Card

Just remember: The princess is always on your side.

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Ask the Risona Tarot: Is it a Yes or a No?

Having thoroughly sensed the present psychic energies, I tend to lean slightly in the direction of "no". However, kindly understand that this is only a temporary perception of the present moment.


Life is a perpetual state of change, and each thought or decision you or others near you make may affect what may happen in the future.


Do not be disheartened, but see this as an invitation to become more aware of your circumstances and the possibilities they present.

Your Free Tarot Card Reading of the Princess Risona

  • What is your life really about? Stop for a moment and think about this crucial question.
  • What is the real problem and how will it be solved? Again this may not be easy to identify so think very carefully.

This aspect shows you what is really happening and what your current situation is.

It outlines the circumstances and relationships around you.


This aspect of the tarot card’s reading reveals to you more about yourself and what your personality and behaviour has to do with your problem. Sometimes this may not be easy to face but have courage.


You're holding yourself back a little because you're afraid of the future. We all are.


Maybe you're afraid of getting hurt in a new situation. Yet if we don’t put our hearts out there, we’ll never find the one who truly understands us.


The unknown is blocking you, and you're imagining all sorts of things that could happen. This is not a healthy outlook. But a good psychic reading with wisdom of the tarot can help you.


Take a closer look.

  • What are you really afraid of?  

     Think hard, take your time. 

  • Mostly the reality is far less terrible than you imagine in your own black thoughts. 

     We have to learn to curb these thoughts and turn them into something positive.

  • Don't you know that you are hiding?

Your snail shell's already got very big holes.

Soon it won't be able to protect you anymore.


But change always brings with it some good.

You had better do something right now so you won’t be surprised.

Prepare yourself for something wonderful to happen.

Even if your fears hold you back, step out the door. One step is all it takes and then another, one at a time. The hardest one is the first.


But there is always a way, even in an apparently hopeless situation.


Now take an even closer look at the Risona Princess Card.

Your Fate Interpreted with the Risona Tarot Card

Learn about what helps you now and what blocks you:


This aspect points to things that have happened recently or will happen soon.

It reveals events that block and hamper resolving your crisis.  Remember, it will be a vicious cycle if you don’t break it now.

This part of the interpretation when reading the cards indicates something which you should pay close attention to and this way you can avoid being blocked on the road to happiness.


Change is needed. Change is a positive thing: embrace it!


You will soon become less and less comfortable where you are standing.

But before you lies light and expanse, even if the exact path to the future is not yet clear.


Those who are the happiest move towards the light, unknowing but trusting.


It's no coincidence you drew Princess Risona from the tarot.

Be open to change, but don't throw it all away.


In other words, sift through the good and the bad.

Now pause a moment and consider these things:

  • Maybe you're just bored and expecting too much.
  • Does your partner know of your wishes?
  • Did you tell him?

He can't read your mind. If you want something from him, ask him.

 Complaining or feeling resentment inside is utterly useless energy and self-destructive, you need to say what it is you need.


Don’t be afraid. Make a list of your hopes and expectations so you are not stuck for words. Go on now, stop, breathe deeply and visualise the changes you want.


There's a good chance he has been waiting for that signal to come from you. Men are less likely to initiate change even if they want it, too.

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Readings, enriched with tarot, help you understand life's puzzles. They offer fresh views and deeper perspectives. During tough times, such insights can be invaluable. Decisions, big or small, become clearer and more aligned.

Make use of the following offers:

  • You may be with someone who's no good for you.
  • "Still better than being alone," you might say now. 

Actually that is not true as you can’t possibly meet the right sort of person, a decent person, when you are with someone else, no matter how unhappily.

  • Think about it again.
  • If the relationship doesn't do you good, it's worse than being alone for a while.
  • If possible, have an honest and open discussion with him, in case it can be rectified. 

But be careful not to exert too much pressure and blame. 

Tell him what bothers you and what you expect from your relationship. 

This is an honest advice from Princess Risona.


Read her One Card Tarot Spread here online.

Interpreting your Future Online with the Tarot Card of Princess Risona

If you are about to make a decision, think again. The energy for doing so will get better within the next weeks. It is better to pause long and hard before commiting yourself.


Usually the first changes we think of are not the real deeper changes we actually want. So you need time to pause for thought.

Your possible future from interpreting the Princess Risona Tarot Card:


This part of the Tarot interpretation shows you how your situation will develop if you do nothing.

If you like this future prognosis, then go on as before.


May be you enjoy being unhappy?


Here the princess also shows you what you could do or avoid doing so that your wishes really will come true.

You always have a chance to change the future.


Imagine that: YOU can change your destiny.


You can always come back to the advice of the princess card reading.


If you don't act now, you're probably in trouble. Though. Remember this:

  • Patience and waiting don't make things better which actually need changing.

You're a powerful woman, like the Tarot´s Princess Risona.

  • Even though she may seem vulnerable and tender, she is a woman who can make a real difference to you.
  • You don't have to take classes or read a lot of books to help yourself.
  • You have all the wisdom and strength you need inside you.
  • You don't have to be perfect and play a role that others like, you're adorable and you've earned your happiness. 

Learn to love yourself and go against your nature or try to please others at the expense of your happiness.


Don't run your head up against the wall.

You yourself know when it's enough. 

You came to this psychic reading portal to get some advice.

You want to find out more about your future.

Open your heart and mind.


Remember, relax, breathe deeply: In-Out In-Out, press your temples and it may even help to stand in front of a mirror and slowly count to ten. 


Be open to the princess's honest advice to you.

The advice of princess psychic cards always comes from the loving truth.


Tarot and it´s interpreatation in a reading from a psychic is not about fear.

Princess Risona's tarot card can also indicate that your partner is overpowering and very decisive.

  • Maybe you're suffering because he is overbearing, or very stubborn and won’t change.
  • If you really love him, it's better to accept that. 

     But acceptance must really come from the heart and without any resentment.

If you are looking for the right partner, then ask yourself seriously whether you actually love yourself too.

  • Because how can someone else love you when you are not loving and kind to yourself?
  • Remember: Don't be too hard on yourself.
  • Now is not the time for patience in finding love. You need to act.

Waiting and drinking tea won't bring you your dream man.


Are you fond of happy ending love stories? A cool story for you here: About how Tarot Love Reading salvages a summer love affair and hearts find each other. Read here. 


The energy for finally speaking your mind is right. It will be even more in your

favor within the next few weeks. 

This is more than just getting things off your chest, it is about change. If you have something special in mind, but he doesn't know anything about it, let him know.

We are here to help.


With compliments, your TarotPrince.